Indonesian Fairy Tales In English: Lutung Kasarung

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Once upon a time in Sunda land, there was a big beautiful kingdom named Pasir Batang. The king was Tapa Agung. He has seven adorable daughters. He still confuses to choose one of them to change his position with his Queen.

Tapa Agung discussed it every time, but there is no conclusion for this problem. The name of his seven daughters are Purbararang, Purbalaras, Purbakencana, Purbaningrat, Purbajati, Purbasekar, and the last is Purbasari Ayuwangi.

Purbasari Ayuwangi is different from all of her sister. Her appearance was not as beautiful as her six sisters. The goodness of her heart is spout from her face. She is a smart girl, and her intelligence can only compete by her first sister, Purbararang.

In the day the decision, Tapa Agung announced to Pasir Batang people. He will resign as the King of Pasir Batang Kingdom.

"To all my beloved people. From this day I will quite from my position as the King of Pasir Batang Kingdom," said Tapa Agung.

Unexpectedly, people choose Purbasari Ayuwangi to be the King of Pasir Batang Kingdom. It made her six sisters jealous, particularly Purbararang.

"I must thwart Purbasari Ayuwangi to lead this country," said Purbararang to herself.

One night, Purbararang did her evil plan. Purbararang entered to Purbasari Ayuwangi room when Purbasari was falling sleep.

Then, a tree sap in a coconut shell was rubbing to Purbasari body. The day after that, when Purbasari woke up, she shocked see her skin. Her skin becomes black like a monkey.

"Oh, my God! What happened to me, Oh no, I become a black monkey!" Purbasari Ayuwangi sighed.

At that time, all the Pasir Batang people tumultuous and the Kingdom Guard stand by in their position. They didn't know, who that black monkey is. Although Purbasari Ayuwangi tried to convince that she is not a monkey, nobody believed her.

"Chase that monkey away! I don't want to see that beast trample this castle!" Purbararang exclaim.

Purbasari was crying and begging, but nobody heard her. Than  Purbararang commanding her guard to exile Purbasari to the jungle.

In the jungle, Purbasari meets with a black monkey named Lutung Kasarung. He served Purbasari and tried to find some leave to cured Purbasari. After that leave scrub to Purbasari body, in a second Purbasari become beautiful again. Their friendship becomes closer.

One day, when Lutung Kasarung did his asceticism. Suddenly, in front of Purbasari, there stands a beautiful castle kingdom. Name of that kingdom was Cupu Mandala Ayu.

Lutung Kasarung and Purbasari moved from jungle to that castle.  Purbasari becomes the Queen of that country.

A lot of Pasir Batang people moved to Cupu Mandala Ayu. The people knows that the queen of this kingdom is Purbasari.

Purbararang as the queen of Pasir Batang is so angry. He mads because a lot of people moved to Cupu Mandala Ayu.

She said that "I must kill the Queen of Cupu Mandala Ayu!"

She tried to challenge Purbasari, but Lutung Kasarung knew her trick. Purbararang offers Purbasari to be the queen of Pasir Batang, but a condition. Purbasari should have a groom.

Lutung Kasarung offer himself to be Purbasari groom. Purbasri received Lutung Kasarung.

She said,"Yes, I do."

Thunderclap split the sky. The simple word which said by Purbasari changed God curse. Lutung Kasarung incarnate become a beautiful princess. He is Princes Guriang.

With amazement face, Purbararang said to Purbasari "Now you had had a husband. So I should hand over this kingdom to you."

Finally, Purbasari and Princes Guriang lead the Pasir Batang Kingdom. All Pasir Batang people live in peace and prosperous.

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