Famous Story of Kids in English: Mouse Deer and Farmer

One of the famous story of the kid in English from Indonesia, a mouse deer. A mouse deer or Chevrotains or Tragulus javanicus or Tragulus kanchil is known as Kancil in Bahasa Indonesia.

When I was a kid, this story is famous, in my school or my daily activity. There are some stories about the cleverness of the mouse deer. This story is one of the famous stories of kids in Indonesia. The title is "A Mouse Deer and Farmer."


Mouse Deer loved to eat the fruits and roots and shoots of the forest. This animal loved something else even more. He loved the vegetables in Farmer's garden.
Famous Story of Kids in English: Mouse Deer and Farmer
Kancil (image:pixgood.com)

One day, Mouse Deer went to the edge of the forest. He looked out at row after row of vegetables.

He sees a lot of cucumbers and sweet potato. Then he steps into the farmer's garden. But in crowd large group of this food, a trap attached by farmer catches its foot. He draws its foot repeatedly and tries to secede from that trap, but he cannot get away the.

The mouse deer start to fear, he feel will become the dinner food for the farmer of Later; then he sees the farmer come. The mouse deer pretend the death and make its body stiff. The farmer fin that mouse deer and he believe that that mouse deer have died.

The farmer pushes the mouse deer with its foot. The mouse deer saw stiff Farmer estimate that mouse deer have died during old ones. Then the farmer thinks this mouse deer cannot eat for dinner.

The farmer draws that mouse deer from trap later. Then that mouse deer rebel and run to the forest. Mouse deer succeed trick the farmer. He thing the farmer is smart.

A few days later, mouse deer remember with that vegetables. He intends to return. Until there he likes with the sweet gourd and sweet parsnip.

Later, then he sees something new. It looks like the human being, but its head made the than coconut. The body made the than rubber, a rice field custodian.

A mouse deer did not feel afraid. He looks down to that guard (a scarecrow). He comes near that custodian then kicks it. But its foot stuck to rice field keeper.

The guardian of rice field has some sticky rubbers from a rubber tree. Mouse deer scream to ask so that discharged by that custodian. He did non-stopped to draw his foot. So he pushes with the other foot.

A mouse deer do not stop to try to be can get out of that custodian, but he remains trapped. Then he sees the farmer comes. The farmer sees the mouse deer in his trap.

The farmer discharges that mouse deer from custodian lassoing. Then he brings the mouse deer to his house. The farmer confines the mouse deer in empty chicken hutch. The farmer tells at mouse deer that tomorrow he is his dinner.

Along the night, the mouse deer couldn't sleep. He didn't want to be a dinner! When the sun rose, Mouse Deer just lay there sadly. Then he heard something.

"Why, it's Mouse Deer! So Farmer caught you at last. It serves you right!"

It was Farmer's dog.

Mouse Deer thought fast.

"What do you mean, Dog? Farmer didn't catch me."

"Then why are you are in the coop?" said Dog.

"Because there is not enough a bed in my house. You see, Farmer is holding a feast tomorrow. And I'm the guest of Honor."

"Guest of Honor?" said the Dog.

"That's not fair! I've been his loyal friend for years, and you're just a thief. The guest of Honor should be me!"

"You know, Dog, you're right. Why don't you take my place? When Farmer sees you in here, he'll make you the guest of Honor instead."

"Really?" said Dog. "You don't mind?"

"Not at all," said Mouse Deer. "You deserve it."

"Mouse Deer, you're so kind. Thank you!" The dog lifted the latch and opened the door.

"You're welcome, Dog. Enjoy the feast."

The Mouse Deer ran for the forest. Then he watched from the woods edge. He saw Farmer comes out and stare at Dog. Then he heard Farmer yell.

"You are a stupid dog! You let the mouse deer get away!"

The Mouse Deer laughed. "Farmer will have to find a different dinner now!" Then he went off singing his song.

I'm quick and smart as I can be.

Try and try, but you can't catch me!

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