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Long ago in Lampung, lived a young man named Domas. Domas was a good man. One day something terrible happened. Someone burned his hut! But he remained patient.

One night, he had a strange dream. Someone told him to do something.

"Go to the south and settle near the large river. Clean the field and plant the fruits and vegetables."

Domas left the village. After traveling for months, he finally arrived at the forest beside a large river. After that, he also clear the field.

One day, Domas found a sword and a snake-like wooden stick which were very powerful. He also used his power to help people.

Since then, people called him as Sultan Domas. Many people came to his residence looking for home building materials and for fishing.

However, some of them wanted to do evil. They wanted Sultan Domas' sword and magical stick.

One day, Sultan Domas was looking for fish. Five young men came to his hut and stole all of the goods of Sultan Domas, included his sword and stick.

They tried to burn the hut but they couldn't. Then, they went out the hut. Surprisingly, they found a large snake in front of the door!

Terrified, they ran into the back of the hut. But suddenly they has been stopped by a crocodile. The hut surrounded by mighty animals.

When Sultan Domas returned, he invited them to spend the night in his hut. After the five young men came home, the word about Sultan Domas' kindness had spread.

Soon, Sultan Domas' hut became a village and he was appointed as a leader. People called the River as Way Sekampung.

reference: Seri Cerita Rakyat Nusantara

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