The Legend of Rainbow Stone

Legenda Batu Kuwung | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Banten

Long ago there was a very rich merchant lived in Banten named Ki Sarmin. Although he was very rich, he wasn't arrogant. He was very kind and helpful. People loved him so much

One day, something terrible happened. His legs were paralyzed. He couldn't move them and no one could cure his disease.

Ki Sarmin tried to be brave and patient to face his illness. There was not much he could do except pray for healing.

One night, an old man came to Ki Sarmin's dream.

"Go to the foothills of Mount Karang. Find a concave stone, then meditate there for forty nights on the stone. At the end of your meditation, hot water will discharge from the stone. You should bath with the hot spring and you will be healed," said the old man.

At first, Ki Sarmin ignored the dream, but the next night, the same dream came again. So he decided to follow the old man's advice in his dream.

He went to the foothills of Mount Karang alone. A after traveling hard in a long journey with his paralyzes legs, finally, he arrived at the foothills of Mount Karang.

He was looking for a concave stone just like the old man described in his dream. Ki Sarmin finally succeeded to find the stone and started meditated on it.

Ki Sarmin had an uneasy meditation. He got a lot of scary disturbances.

Finally, he successfully completed the meditation for forty days and forty nights. Ki Sarmin went down from the concave stone. Later the water sprout out from it. Ki sarmin bathed in the water to cure his illness.

After took a bath. Ki Sarmin felt fresh and energetic. Then he tried to move his legs and surprisingly they moved normally. His legs finally cured!

Ki Sarmin was grateful in recovery. With great joy, Ki Sarmin went home and told the story of the miraculous concave stone and the water spring. The stone became famous and people called it as Batu Kuwung or Rainbow Stone. (*) Preference: Local Children Book, Bintang Indonesia


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