The Ungrateful Pan Kasim

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ONCE upon a time there lived a poor farmer. His name was Pan Kasim. He lived with his wife in a hut. They did not have enough money to live properly. They'wore shabby clothes and they only ate once a day. Jewelries? They did not have any of them.

Pan Kasim just finished working at his rice field. He always crossed a jungle to go home. While he was walking, he heard someone was asking for a help.

"Help... please help me!"

Pan Kasim was looking around. He did not see anyone wounded. He kept on searching.

"Please help me... I'm over here, in the bushes."

Pan Kasim went to the bushes. He was shocked! There was a big snake lying helplessly. He was under a big log, he could not move because the log pressed his body.

"Please help me remove this log. I cannot move. Please help me."

"But you are a snake, how can you talk?" asked Pan Kasim.

"I'm not an ordinary snake. I'm a magic snake. I can talk to humans and I also have a supernatural power. Please help me and I will make your wish come true."

"Promise you won't hurt me?" asked Pan Kasim.

"I promise," said the snake. Pan Kasim removed the log. It was not easy, the log was heavy. After awhile, the snake completely freed from the log.

"Thank you very much. Now, what do you want from me?" asked the snake.

"We are very poor. We live in a hut. Please make us rich! I want to live in a big house," asked Pan Kasim.

"Granted! Go home now," said the snake.

"Really?" asked Pan Kasim.

He did not really believe what the snake said. Anyway, he went home to prove it.

It was true! His hut had already changed into a big house. His wife was wearing great jeweleries. Yes, they were rich!

His wife was curious.

"How can this happen?"

Pan Kasim then told her about the snake. His wife was so happy. She had an idea.

"I just don't want to be rich. I want to be a queen. Tell the snake to make us a king and a queen."

Pan Kasim went to the snake.

"You have promised to make my wish come true, right?"

"Of course, I've already promised you," said the snake.

"My wife and I want to be a queen and a king."

"Granted! Go home now."

Pan Kasim went home happily. And yes, his house had changed into a palace. He was a king and his wife was a queen. Pan Kasim and his wife lived happily.

However, his wife again complained.

"I want more power. I want to be able to control the sun. It shines too hot! I don't like it. Now, go to the snake and ask him to make our wish come true," asked his wife.

Pan Kasim went to the snake and told him about his wife's wish.

"What?! You and your wife are such ungrateful persons! Nobody can control the sun! I'm so sick of you and your wife! Now, I will change you both back into poor people!"

Pan Kasim was completely helpless. He regretted it, however it was too late. There was nothing he could do. He became poor again. ***

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