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ONCE upon a time there was a kingdom in South Sumatra. The king had a daughter. Her name was Princess Jelitani or Putri Jelitani. Jelitani is taken from the word jelita which means beautiful. Yes, Putri Jelitani was so beautiful. She was also kind and helpful. Her parents loved her. Putri felitani was obedient. She always did whatever her parents told her to do.

The people in the kingdom were sad. They had suffered from a long drought. It was so hot. Trees were dried. Farmers were so miserable. Their rice fields were dried. Their cattle were thirsty.

The people were restless. The king understood the problem. He knew they badly needed much water. He discussed with his advisors.

"Please tell me what we can do to make rain fall," asked the king.

"Your Majesty, there is a holy man who lives very far from here. Maybe we can ask him to help us," said one advisor.

"I think we should try. Now go to his place. Tell him that I need his help," ordered the king.

One advisor was accompanied by some soldiers. They went to the holy man's place. They arrived at the holy man's place.

"We're here because the king sent us. We have a big problem and we want to ask for your help."

"Please take me to your king," replied the holy man.

Later the holy man arrived at the palace.

"Your Majesty, rain will fall soon. However, there should be a girl who is willing to sacrifice herself," said the holy man.

The king replied, "What do you mean?"

"Rain will fall, Your Majesty. However, it is waiting for a girl. The girl has to sacrifice herself by jumping to the sea," explained the holy man.

The king then announced to the whole kingdom. He asked for a girl who was willing to sacrifice herself. Unfortunately there was no single girl who wanted to do it. Putri Jelitani was sad to see the people's suffer. She was willing to sacrifice herself.

"Father, let me be the girl. Let me do it. I wilt sacrifice myself," said the princess.

The king was so touched. She was not only beautiful and obedient but she was also caring.

"Are you sure you want to do it?" asked the king.

"Yes, Father. I hope rain will fall soon. People won't suffer anymore."

The princess and the king went to the sea. They were standing at a high land. She would jump to the sea. People also came. They prayed for the princess. The princess was getting ready. Then she jumped! She was gulped by the waves. She was gone! Suddenly sky became dark. White cloud turned to dark. Sound of thunder deafened. Rain fell! People were extremely happy. The king was also happy. However he was very sad. He just lost his beloved daughter. Nobody knew that the king was crying.

While the people were enjoying the rain, suddenly they heard a voice.

It said, "Go back to the sea!"

The king and the people went back to the sea.

They all were surprised when they saw Putri jelitani was standing on a big rock. She was safe! God had answered the people's pray for Putri Jelitani. The king was happy. He could have his daughter back by his side. ***

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