Kua Siga Wunga

Kua Siga Wunga | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Timur

ONCE upon a time there was a kingdom in Nusa Tenggara Timur. The King and the Queen had only one child, it was a girl. The Princess was beautiful. She was very kind and helpful. She was also polite.

It was past midnight. The Princess was awaken after having a dream. in her dream, she met a very handsome man in the pond. She did not know who the man was. One thing for sure, the Princess was in love with the man. When she woke up, the princess was smiling. She knew it was just a dream but she hoped that she could meet the man someday.

It was a month after the Princess having a dream of meeting a handsome man. She felt her body was changing. Her tummy was getting bigger. The Princess was pregnant! She was completely confused. She never had any relationship with a man.

The princess tried to cover and hide her pregnancy by wearing loose clothes. But it was useless. Finally, the King and the Queen knew that their daughter was pregnant.

"Are you pregnant? Who's the father of the baby?" asked the king.

"I don't know, Father," answered the Princess.

She was crying.

"What do you mean you don't know?" asked the Queen.

"I really don't know why I'm pregnant, Mother. I don't have any relationships with a man," said the Princess.

Then she continued, "Last month I had a dream. I met a handsome man in the pond. After that I'm pregnant."

"This is a disgrace! I cannot tolerate this! I have to punish you. Leave this palace and stay in the jungle. Don't come back until you know the father of the baby!" said the King.

He was really angry!

The Princess was sad. She was crying. She left the palace and went to the jungle. Her loyal dog accompanied her. When she arrived in the jungle, the princess built a small house.

Finally, the baby was born. It was a boy. The princess took care of her son with love and care. The boy always helped and protected his mother. Once he asked about his father, the princess said that his father went away and would come back someday. The boy believed that.

One day the boy went hunting with his dog. He had been hunting for hours and he did not catch any animals yet. He did not want to go home empty-handed. He did not want to make his mother disappointed.

The boy gave up. He thought it was not a good day for him to hunt. Just before he went home, he saw a big eagle flying toward him. It landed right in front of him. Amazingly, the eagle slowly changed into a handsome man.

He talked, "Don't be afraid. Please tell your mother to come here tomorrow."

After he finished saying that, the handsome man changed back into an eagle and flew away. The boy was speechless. He ran away. When he arrived at home, he told his mother about the eagle. The princess was completely confused. However, she decided to go to the jungle.  

The princess and her son were standing in the place he met the eagle. After they had been waiting for a while, the eagle finally came. He changed into a handsome man. The princess recognized the man. 

"It's you... I met you in my dream."

The man replied, "You are right. My name is Kua Siga Wunga and I'm the father of your son. From now on I will live with you." 

The princess was so happy. She asked the man and her son to go to the palace. The king did not immediately believe them. He gave one test. He asked the man to walk on stairs made by sharp swords! If he could walk without being injured, Kua Siga Wunga was the father. Without any difficulty, Kua Siga Wunga was able to walk on the stairs. The princess was so happy. Since then they lived in the palace and became a happy family. ***

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