Nang Butuh Mosel and His Magic Ring

Nang Butuh Mosel dan Cincin Ajaibnya | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Bali

THERE was a poor family. The father's name was Nang Butuh Mosel. He and his wife had three children. Although they were poor, they were happy. Nang Butuh Mosel was a good father. He loved his children very much. He always taught his children to be kind to others.

Nan Butuh Mosel did not have a permanent job. He got some money by helping others. And he always worked at the market.

One day he went to the market. On the way there, a man was trying to kill a snake. The man said that the snake ate his chicken.

Nang Butuh Mosel felt sorry for the snake. He wanted to save the snake by buying it from him. The man agreed. Nang Butuh Mosel gave him some money and later he put the snake inside his bag. Later he continued his trip to the market. Suddenly he saw a man was trying to kill a mouse. The man said the mouse always ate his rice. Nang Butuh Mosel felt sorry, he bought the mouse and put him inside his bag.

And when he continued his trip to the market, he saw a man was trying to kill a cat and a dog. He said the cat and the dog always ate his fish. Again Nang Butuh

Mosel saved their lives by buying them. He put the cat and the dog in his bag. He did not have any money. He already spent all his money buying the animals.

Nang Butuh Mosel was tired. He rested under a big tree. He fell asleep. And when he woke up, there was a very big snake in front of him. The snake was able to talk!

"Don't be afraid, Sir. I'm the mother of the snake you saved. I want to thank you, here please accept my ring. It is a magic ring. Whatever the thing you insert through the ring, it will change into gold," said the big snake.

Nang Butuh Mosel opened his bag. The snake went out and followed his mother. He was very curious. He took a small twig and inserted it through the ring. Amazingly the twig changed into gold! He was so happy and later he went home. He also brought the mouse, the cat and the dog with him. He wanted to give those animals to his children as their pets.

At home Nang Butuh Mosel and his wife started to change everything into gold. Later they became very rich. They did not tell anyone about the ring, including their children.

Unfortunately his children played with the ring. It fell and broke into two pieces. Nang Butuh Mosel was not angry. He just advised them to be careful when playing. Nang Butuh Mosel brought the broken ring to a goldsmith. And after the ring was fixed, a piece of string accidentally was inserted through the ring. The string charged into gold.

The goldsmith was surprised. He had a bad plan. He exchanged the magic ring into an ordinary ring. And when Nang Butuh Mosel came to take his ring, he received the ordinary ring. His magic ring was kept by the goldsmith. Nang Butuh Mosel finally found out that his magic ring was exchanged. He was sad. The pets felt so sorry to see their master sad. They knew about the magic ring. They wanted to help and got the magic ring back.

They went to the goldsmith's house. The dog used his nose to trace the ring. They found the magic ring was inside a box. The mouse used his teeth to open the box. It made a noise. The goldsmith woke up from his sleep. The cat then made a sound of meow. The goldsmith thought it was just a cat, he went back to sleep.

After they got the magic ring, they went back home. They gave the ring to Nang Butuh Mosel.
He was so happy and thanked them. This time he kept it very carefully.***


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