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Folklore from North Sumatra

ONCE upon a time in North Sumatra, there was a family. The father was a farmer. His wife was pregnant. They had been waiting to have a baby, and they were so happy that the baby would be born soon. When the baby was born, the couple were extremely happy. They had a baby boy. They named him Bagas Marhusor.

When Bagas Marhusor was born, a holy man said that the baby who was born on that day would become a great man. He would be famous for his power.

However, people did not think that the baby was Bagas Marhusor. They did not think that Bagas Marhusor was the baby whom the holy man predicted.

Why? It was because the queen was also pregnant. And the baby was born at the same time Bagas Marhusor was born. people think that the holy man was talking about the future of the prince, the king's son.

Bagas Marhusor and the prince grew as young men. They did not know each other. Bagas Marhusor was only common people. He never visited the palace.

Bagas Marhusor was a kind, polite, and helpful young man. He also studied martial arts from some experts. He was very skillful. He only used his martial arts skill when he was fighting bad people. His village was safe from the criminals. All the villagers were very grateful to have him.

One day, the king was hunting in the forest. He went with some soldiers.

Bagas Marhusor was also at the jungle. He did not know that the king was hunting.

While Bagas Marhusor was looking for some animals, he heard a man was asking for help. Bagas Marhusor looked around to find the man. Then he saw the king was attacked by a wild hog.

Bagas Marhusor jumped and attacked the wild hog. He used his weapons to attack the hog. In just a minute, the hog was dead.

The king was extremely happy. He brought  to the palace. The king asked what rewards Bagas Marhusor wanted.

Bagas Marhusor did not know what to say. When he saw the king's daughter, he fell in love instantly. He asked the king to marry his daughter.

Sadly, the king refused. Bagas Marhusor was not from a noble family. He was only a farmer. The king was so ashamed to have a son-in-law from common people.

Bagas Marhusor was so sad and angry. He left the kingdom and stayed in another place. .

It was years after Bagas Marhusor left his home. And one day, he heard that some criminals came to his village. The king could not handle them,All his soldiers lost the fight against the criminals.

Bagas Marhusor really felt sorry. He decided to go back home. When he arrived, he asked the criminals to leave.

"Ha ha ha... you cannot fight us. You are alone, and we are so many," said the criminals.

"I don't care! Listen, I want you to leave now. Otherwise, you will be very sorry!"

"Let's prove it!" challenged the criminals.

And the fight could not be avoided any more. Bagas Marhusor did not have any problems fighting the criminals. they lost and left the village.

The king was very happy. He thanked Bagas Marhusor for his courage fighting the criminals. He also admitted his mistake. He blessed Bagas Marhusor and his daughter to get married.

Bagas Marhusor could not believe it. He was'very happy. When Bagas Marhusor and the princess got married, the king held a great party.

Everybody was happy. After they got married, Bagas Marhusor and his wife stayed in the palace.

The king appointed him to be, the commander. Since then the kingdom was safe from bad people. ***

Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

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