Watu Singa (The Legend of Lion Stone)

Watu Singo (Batu Singo) | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from East Java

A BABY boy was born. Unlike any other babies, he cried loudly. He moved his body powerfully. He was also very cute. And when he grew up, he became a very handsome man. His parents were priests.

They were very happy when the baby was born. They named him Joko Seger, which means Joko who was very healthy and strong.

Not long after Joko Seger was born, a baby girl was also born. Her father was a king. The girl was also special. When she was born, she was so quiet. She did not cry. She was very calmed. And when she grew up, she became a very beautiful girl. She was also kind. She had a good attitude. Her father named her Roro Anteng, which means Roro who was calm. When Joko Seger and Roro Anteng were adults, they fell in love.

Although they came from different kind of family, Joko Seger's parent were priests and Roro Anteng's father was a king, they still loved each other. Joko Seger's father tried to warn his son about his relationship with Roro Anteng.

"You must understand, my son. Our families are different. Her father is a king, and I am a pries!" explained his father.

"But I really love her, father' We have talked about our differences, and both of us do not see that as our problem," said Joko Seger.

He then continued, "We want to get married, father. Please give us your blessing."

His father was speechless. He knew his son had already made up his mind to marry Roro Anteng.

He then said, "I give you my blessing, my son. Let's hope that your proposal will be accepted by the king."

Joko Seger went to the palace. He told the king that he wanted to marry Roro Anteng. The king had known their relationship for a long time. And he also knew that Joko Seger was a good man. The king gave them his blessing to get married.

After they got married, Joko Seger and Roro Anteng moved. They did not want to live in their parents'house. They decided to build a house near Bromo Mountain. Many people followed them. They built their houses, and soon there was a community there.

They called their place as Tengger, taken from last names of Anteng and Seger. It was so many years after Joko Seger and Roro Anteng got married and they still did not have any children yet. Every day, they prayed, And in one night Joko Seger had a vision. His wife would be pregnant if he meditated inside Widodaren Cave.

Joko Seger told his wife about his vision.

"Please be careful. I heard a lion lives in that cave."

"Don't worry. I will be very careful."

Joko Seger went to Widodaren Cave. And when he arrived, he stopped for a moment.

He waited. And later the lion walked out of the cave.

The lion roared loudly. Anyone who heard the roar would be very scared. But not Joko Seger, he was not scared. Suddenly, the lion talked! He talked like humans!

"Who are you?"

"My name is Joko Seger and I want to meditate inside the cave."

"Ha ha ha... You have to beat me if you want to walk inside the cave."

They were fighting. The lion was not an ordinary animal and Joko Seger had a bit problem in fighting the lion. Fortunately, Joko Seger won the fight. The lion gave up. Joko Seger did not have the heart to kill the lion. The lion was very grateful. To show his gratitude, the lion changed himself as a stone. We still can see the stone with the shape of a lion near Bromo Mountain. People named it as Watu Singa, it means the lion stone. It is now a favorite tourist's destination. ***

Watu Singa/Watu Singo

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