The Wise King and the Kid

Raja Bijak dan Anak Kecil | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from South Kalimantan

ONCE upon a time there was a wise king, The king and his family lived in a big palace. There was a beautiful garden inside the palace. The King always let people come and have fun in the garden. Children loved the garden very much. They could play any time they wanted.

There was a kid who also loved the garden. The kid's father had died and he lived only with his mother. The kid did not have any brothers and sisters.

Unlike his friends who had toys, the kid only played with his mosquito. One day the kid brought his mosquito to the palace garden. It was almost dark the King came to the Kid.

"Why don't you go home now? It's almost dark, I'm sure your mother is looking for you now," said the King.

"All right, Your Majesty. But may I put my mosquito here? I will tie my mosquito to the tree in this garden," replied the kid.

The King smiled, he said, "Sure, you can tie your mosquito here."

On the following day, the kid could not find his mosquito. The King's cock ate his mosquito!

The kid reported to the King and the King said, "Well, you can have the cock then..."

The kid was happy. He played with his cock all the time. One day, the cock was inside the palace kitchen and eating the king's rice. A soldier tried to make the cock leave the kitchen. Unfortunately the cock did not leave the kitchen. The soldier became upset. He used a stick to scare the cock.

Sadly, he hit too hard. The cock died. The kid was sad. He told the king about the stick. The king said he could have the stick. The kid was happy.

He then said "May I put my stick in the garden? My house is not big enough and I don't know where to put it."

The King allowed the kid to put the stick inside the palace garden. On the following day, the kid found the.stick was broken! A big jackfruit fell down and hit the stick. The . kid immediately told the king.

He said, "You can have the jackfruit."

The kid was happy.He then said, "My house is not big enough. I don't know where to put this big jackfruit. May I put it here in this garden?"

The King said yes. On the following day, the king's daughter played in the garden. The princess saw a big jackfruit. She loved to eat the jackfruit.

"Hmm yummy, this jackfruit is so delicious," said the princess.

The kid saw the princess eat his jackfruit. He immediately told the king:

"Your Majesty the princess ate my jackfruit," said the kid.

"Really?" replied the King.

"Yes, Your Majesty. She is in the garden now!"

The King and the kid went to the garden.

The King said, "First, my cock ate your mosquito and then you got my cock After that, your cock was dead because my soldier hit it with a stick. Then you got the stick. Later, the stick was broken by the Jackfruit. You got the jackfruit. Now the jackfruit is eaten by my daughter. It means that you can have my daughter."

The kid was confused. "What do you mean, Your Majesty? I don t understand."

"You will understand later" said the King.

Well, the king had a plan. He would ask the kid and his daughter to get married when they were adults.

The king kept his promise. When they both were adults, the kid and the princess were married. After the king died, the kid became the new king. He led his people wisely just like the previous king. ***


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