The Ungrateful Student

A long time ago in Riau, the people in Daik Lingga kingdom lived happily. It was peaceful and no criminals would dare to do bad things there. The criminals were afraid of Apek Huang Tai. He was a master of martial arts. He was old and had many students. They learned martial arts from him. One of the students was Mahmud.

Mahmud was an intelligent student. In a very short time he already mastered all the skills and techniques of martial arts.

Apek Huang Tai felt that it was time for Mahmud to stop learning from him. He suggested Mahmud to go to another place. Before he left, Apek Huang Tai gave him an advice.

“Remember, wherever you go, use your martial arts skills wisely. Use it only when it is necessary, because it can hurt people,” said Apek Huang Tai.

Mahmud did not have any place to go. He just listened to his heart. He finally arrived in Palembang. It was in mid day, he heard a rooster crowing. He was curious. Normally, roosters crowed in the morning. He then had funny idea, he imitated the crow. Suddenly, some soldiers were in front of him and cornered him.

“Because you have just crowed, then you have to fight my Commander.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean? I am new here,” said Mahmud.

“You heard a rooster crowing right? Well, it was not a rooster. The crow was made by the Commander of the palace. His nickname is Commander Cock Crowing. He always challenges people to fight him. If someone responds to his crow, he has to fight him. You respond, then you have to fight him!”

Mahmud knew he just made a mistake. However, he did not want to run away. He wanted to be responsible. The soldiers later brought him to the open field. The commander was waiting for him. Without waiting any longer, the commander attacked him. Mahmud was bleeding. He remembered his teacher’s advice. He thought he had to use his martial art skills, otherwise he would be killed! Mahmud fought back. He used all the skills he mastered. He attacked the commander. The commander gave up!

He asked Mahmud to stop attacking him. The king saw the fight. He knew that Mahmud was more powerful than the commander. The king then asked Mahmud to be the new commander.

Right after Mahmud was appointed to be the new commander, he stayed in the palace. The new life in palace changed Mahmud. He was now arrogant. Nobody dared to remind him, and that included the king. Mahmud did whatever he wanted. The king finally met Mahmud’s teacher. The king asked him to talk to Mahmud to do good things.

“Why are you here, old man? I don’t need you anymore. I am the commander here. I can ask my soldiers to get rid of you!” said Mahmud to Apek Huang Tai.

“You have changed. Remember my advice, I’ve told you to use the skills wisely.”

The fight could not be avoided. Mahmud and Apek Huang Tai fought courageously. Mahmud thought he could beat Apek Huang Tai. He was wrong. Even though Apek Huang Tai was old, he still had a lot of energy. And he knew Mahmud’s weaknesses. And Mahmud gave up! He apologized to his teacher. He knew he was wrong and he promised to be good again. ***

Pencak Silat, Martial Art

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