The Story of Pinang Mountain

Kisah Gunung Pinang | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Banten

A long time ago in Banten, there lived an old Woman with her only son. His name was Dampu Awang. The family was poor. Dampu Awang's father died a long time ago.

Dampu Awang was as a fisherman. Sadly, he only had a small boat. He always hoped that he could have a big boat to catch more fish to sell.

Dampu Awang was rowing his small boat. He saw a big ship. He was so amazed with the size. After he finished fishing, he asked some people about the owner of the big ship.

"His name is Teuku Abu Matsyah. He is a merchant," explained one man.

Dampu Awang could not stop thinking about the big ship.

"I want to have a big ship like that. But how? Well... I have to be a merchant like Teuku Abu Matsyah. I think being a merchant is better than being a fisherman. Yes, I want to be a rich merchant like him!" said Dampu Awang confidently.

Later he told his mother about his plan to be a merchant. She told her that he wanted to go to Malaka. His mother was so sad when her only son wanted to leave her. She knew that he wanted to be rich and gave her a big house. Because of his noble reason, she allowed him to go.

"Before you go, please bring this bird. It's your father's favorite bird. I hope this bird will remind you of me and your hometown," said the mother.

Later, Dampu Awang left her mother and went to Teuku Abu Matsyah. When he met him, Dampu Awang asked for his permission to join his ship.

"Why do you want to go to Malaka?" asked Teuku Abu Matsyah.

"I want to be a rich merchant,.sir. Like you," replied Dampu Awang.

Later he told him about his poor condition and his plan to buy a big house for his mother.

Teuku Abu Matsyah was so touched. He let him join his big ship with one condition. He wanted him to work with other crew. Dampu Awrang happily accepted Teuku Abu Matsyah's request. When the cruise started, Dampu Awang worked hard and diligently.

The merchant was so happy to see how Dampu Awang worked. He started to give him more responsibilities. He could do his new tasks easily. It made Teuku Abu Matsyah trusted him more. Slowly he asked Dampu Awang to control his business.

The merchant was old and he only had one daughter. He wanted to Dampu Awang to take over his business. But he wanted Dampu Awang to marry his daughter first. Of course he happily accepted the request to marry the merchant's daughter.

Dampu Awang was always on the cruise. One day, the ship would stop at Dampu Awang's hometown. People talked about it. Dampu Awang's mother also heard it.

When the ship arrived, the mother immediately called out his name. She was so happy to see him again. She also saw that the bird that she gave him in a good condition.

Dampu Awang was so surprised to see his mother's condition. He was so ashamed. She looked very old and very poor. She wore shabby clothes. He ignored her.

The mother kept on calling out. Dampu Awang's name. Sadly, Dampu Awang ordered his crew to ask his mother to leave. The mother was so sad.

She prayed, "Dear God, if he is not my son, let him go. But if he is truly my son, please make him stay here forever."

Suddenly the bird was able to talk, "Dampu! She is your mother! She is your mother!" Again, Dampu Awang ignored the bird. Not long after that, rain fell down heavily. The sound of thunder deafened the ears. Yes, there was a heavy storm!

Dampu Awang ordered his crew to continue the cruise. However. the ship was imbalance. The heavy rain and the strong wind turned the ship upside down. Dampu Awang died in his ship. Slowly the ship became a stone and it finally became a mountain. People then named it as Pinang Mountain. ***

Pavo muticus and Gracula religiosa robusta

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