The Old Man and the Giant

Pria Tua dan Raksasa | English Version

Folklore from North Sulawesi

ONCE upon a time, an old man was looking for some firewood in the jungle. He collected enough wood and he was ready to go home.

Suddenly he heard sounds of footsteps.

"Oh my God! That,must be the giant!" said the old man.

Yes, there was a giant who lived in'the jungle.

Everybody was so scared of him. The giant ate animals and humans! The old man was hiding behind a big tee. Too bad, the giant saw him.

"Ha ha ha... what are you doing here, Old Man?" asked the giant.

The old man was scared to death.

"I.. I.. I.. am looking for some firewood."

The giant was looking carefully at the old man.

"I am not hungry now, but I will eat him later. I have to take him to my house," said the giant to himself.

"Hey Old Man, I need your help to catch some animals. I'm hungry and I want to eat them," said the giant.

The old man was still scared. He did not know what to do. He wanted to run away but he knew it was useless. The giant could catch him. He planned to do what the giant said. He would escape when the time was right.

"Okay Mr Giant, what should I do?" asked the old man.

'Just follow me. I'm going home now," said the giant.

They both walk. Later. they saw a big mouse. The mouse was so scared. He wanted to run away but the giant caught him.

"Ha ha ha... don't be afraid. Follow us now" said the Giant.

He was so happy that he got another food.

The giant, the old man, and the mouse were walking. Then they saw a centipede. The centipede was also scared. Again, the giant asked the centipede to join them.

The old man and mouse the told the centipede to calm down.

"I have a plan to escape. Listen, we do this after the giant is sleeping. First, you, mouse, bite the giant's ear, then, when he washes the blood, you centipede, sting him. I will do the rest," said the old man.

Later, they arrived at the giant's house. He was so tired. He asked the old man, the mouse, and the centipede to sleep in his house. He planned to eat them tomorrow.

The old man pretended to sleep. After he was sure that the giant was sleeping, he told the mouse to climb the giant's bed.

The mouse did it carefully. The old man asked the centipede to go to the bowl, there was water in the bowl and the centipede stayed inside the bowl. The giant always used it to wash his face. Then the old man whispered to the mouse.

"Now bite his ear."

The mouse bit the giant's ear very hard. The giant was screaming in pain.

"Ouch... that hurts!"

He was bleeding.

He went to the bowl to clean the wound. He did not know that the centipede was waiting for him.

The giant washed his ear. The centipede immediately stung him. The giant again screamed loudly- He was in a great pain. The centipedes poison made him lost his balance. The giant fell down.

The old man grabbed a chair and hit him repeatedly! The giant was too weak to fight back Then he died.

The old man. the mouse, and the centipede were happy. They immediately left the giant's house and went home. ***


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