The Mysterious Old Woman Named Luhu

Wanita Tua Misterius Bernama Luhu | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Maluku

ONCE upon a time there was a kingdom in Maluku. The king had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Ta Ina Luhu. The king and the queen loved her very much. The people lived happily. Their land was fertile. They lived prosperously. There were no poor people.

Sadly after the arrival of the Dutch, the people could no longer live peacefully. The Dutch came and occupied their land. The king was angry when he saw the Dutch stole their land. He sent his soldiers to attack the Dutch. Unfortunately, the Dutch had better weapons. Soon, the soldiers and the king died.

The Dutch came to the palace. The Dutch commander saw Princess Ta Ina Luhu. He fell in love with her. He asked her to marry him. Of course she refused it. She did not want to marry a man who had killed her beloved father. The commander was angry! He threatened her that he would kill her mother, the queen, if the princess did not want to marry her. The princess was hopeless. Finally she gave up. She married the cruel commander.

Not long after the marriage, the problem was getting worse. The queen was critically ill. She could not handle it anymore. Then, she died. Princess Ta Ina Luhu was extremely sad. She lost her beloved mother. She felt that there was no reason for her to stay and still became the commander's wife. She ran away!

Princess Ta Ina Luhu arrived in a kingdom named Soya. The king and the queen welcomed her. They felt very sorry for her. They let her stay in the palace. At first. the princess was so happy. The king and the queen treated her very well. However, she found out that she was pregnant! She was in the great dilemma. One side she wanted to stay in the palace, however she did not want to trouble the king and the queen with her pregnancy. She then decided to leave the palace. She wanted to stay in another place.

The princess left the palace and she did not say goodbye. She knew the king and the queen would not let her leave the palace. The princess left a note to them. She wrote the reason why she left the palace. The king found the note! He immediately sent his soldiers to find the princess.

Meanwhile, the princess went to the forest. She was so tired. She was thirsty and hungry The princess was so angry with her condition. She cursed the Dutch who had made her life miserable.

In the meantime after searching for months, the soldiers finally found her! The princess did not look good. She looked older. Also she looked so tired.

"Princess, come with us... let's go back to the palace. King Soya is worried about you," said one soldier.

"No... I don't want to go back. I want to stay here," replied the princess so weakly.

Suddenly, the princess disappeared! The soldiers were very confused! They looked for her everywhere, but they could not find her! They then went back to the palace. The news about the missing princess was spread. People said that she had changed as a ghost! She sometimes showed herself as an old woman! Therefore she was then named the mysterious old woman Luhu. The old woman often kidnapped people, especially children! When it happened, people would pray. After that, they would find the missing person in a critical condition.

People also said that the old woman hated the Dutch very much. She often kidnapped them one by one. Until now, local people believe that the old woman still exists. Sometimes, she shows herself in the drizzling while the sun is hot. People usually avoid walking on the streets and they stay at home when rain falls down and the sun is hot because it is time for the old woman to appear! ***

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