The King and the Witch

Raja dan Penyihir | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Lampung

ONCE upon a time in Lampung, there was a kingdom. The king and the queen did not have any children. They really wanted to have a baby.

One day the king heard that there was a magic well. Anyone who drank the water from the well would get his wish come true. Unfortunately the well was guarded by a witch.

The king went to the well. He was ready to face the witch. However, when the king met the witch, he was extremely surprised. She was not old or wore shabby clothes, just like he had taught earlier. The witch was young and beautiful. However, don't underestimate her power. She could do anything she wanted!

The king fell in love and wanted to marry the witch. She agreed but she did not want the queen to live in the palace with her. The king was totally in love with the witch. He then put the queen in the jungle. Later the king and the witch got married. Not long after that the witch was pregnant! The king was so happy. However the witch had a new habit. She wanted to eat a head of a man! That new habit made the king was so frustrated. He could not provide a head of a man for the witch.

The witch was angry. She threatened the king that she would leave if the king could not give him a head of a man.

Though it was very difficult for him, the king asked his soldiers to kill a man and cut his head!

Unfortunately, it did not stop there. The witch asked more heads! That made the people very restless. They looked for help. They came to a holy man. He asked the witch to stop her bad habit. The witch refused. She challenged the holy man into a fight. Sadly, the holy man lost the fight!

The witch stopped eating a man's head when the baby was born. For a while, the life in the kingdom was calmed down. The queen did not continue her bad habit.

In the mean time, the.queen lived happily in the jungle. She lived with her son! It seemed that when the queen left the palace and went to the jungle, she was pregnant. She did not know that she was pregnant then, neither did the king.

The queen named his son Putra Mayang. He was a good son. He was obedient to his mother. The queen taught him everything. Putra Mayang grew as a powerful man. He mastered lots of skills.

One day the queen told her son about his real father. Putra Mayang was surprised. He did not know that his father was a king. He then asked his mother's permission to go to the palace to meet his father.

Putra Mayang arrived at the palace. He saw a man was carrying a boy. The boy was crying and tried to free himself. However the man held him tightly.

"Hey! What are you doing with the boy? Is he your son?" asked Putra Mayang.

"No, he is not! I'm going to eat him!" said the man.

"What? Who are you?" asked Putra Mayang.

"I'm the son of the king and the queen," said the man.

Yes, the man was the son of the king and the witch. He had grown up and the same age as Putra Mayang. Unfortunately the man inherited his mother's bad habit. He liked to eat humans! Putra Mayang asked him to free the boy. The man refused. They then had a fight. Luckily, Putra Mayang won the fight. The man died. That made the witch became very angry. She attacked Putra Mayang.

It was not a problem for him. In just'a minute, the witch died. Surprisingly, the king just knew his mistake. Apparently, the witch had put a spell on him. That's why he could forget his wife and put her in the jungle. When he knew that Putra Mayang was his son, he was so happy. He then went to the jungle to pick up his wife. He apologized to her. He asked the queen and his son to live in the palace. Since then they lived happily ever after. ***

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