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Folklore from North Sumatra

ONCE upon a time in North Sumatra, there were three small kingdoms. They were Silou Kingdom, Tanah Djawo Kingdom, and Raya Kingdom.

Those three kingdoms lived happily and peacefully. They got along very well and harmoniously. They knew by sticking together they would be very strong.

Those three kingdoms lived in very fertile land. The people were prosperous. They never lacked any food. Other kingdoms were jealous with those three kingdoms. They planned to attack them. However they knew that those three kingdoms were very strong. They wanted just to attack the kingdoms one by one.

The first kingdom that attack was Majapahit Kingdom. The kingdom tried to attack Tanah Djawo Kingdom.

One soldier reported to the King of Tanah Diawo Kingdom.

"Your Majesty, I have a bad news. Majapahit Kingdom is going to attack us."

"I know Majapahit is such a great kingdom. We cannot fight them alone, we need to ask our best friends to help us," said the king of Tanah Djawo Kingdom.

Then he sent a message to the kings of Silou Kingdom and Raya Kingdom.

The two kings responded the request. They sent their best soldiers to help the Tanah Djawo's kingdom. They did it! The three kingdoms were able to unite to fight the Majapahits. They made the Majapahit to leave their land.

Sadly, their problems did not stop. It seemed that other kingdom was ready to attack. Nobody knew who they were. One thing for sure lots of soldiers were ready to attack the three kingdoms.

They did it simultaneously. They attacked the three kingdoms at one time, and that made the three kingdoms could not help each other.

They were saving their own lives! Slowly the three kingdoms lost the fight. They had to leave their places. They had to flee to find a safe place.

They found a good place. The people built houses for them to stay. They did not know when they would go back home.

Time passed by, their hiding place slowly became a small village. They have built houses, and they also had rice fields.

One of them said that he missed his hometown. He asked some people to go back home.

"l miss our hometown. Who wants to go back home with me?"

"l don't. I love this place, this is already my home. Besides that, I'm afraid our enemies are still there."

Well, some people also wanted to go back home.

"I will join you. I miss my hometown."

Some people went back home. They brought some weapons, just in case the enemies were still there.

After spending months in the journey, they finally arrived.

Some of them were crying. Their hometown
looked completely different. There were no anyone there. The enemies already left the place. It was full of bushes.

They said, "Sima-sima nalungun." They all kept on saying that. It means the quiet place. Slowly the place was named Simalungun which is from the words sima-sima nalungun. ***

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