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PRINCESS Serindang Bulan was the daughter of King Mawang. The kingdom was in Lebong, Bengkulu. The princess was the youngest child, she had six older brothers.

The king was dying. He suffered from illness and no one could cure him. Sadly, after months of trying to give him the best medicine, the king died. The oldest son became
the new king.

Princess Serindang Bulan was very beautiful The new king, her brother, wanted her to get married soon.

"What are you waiting for? You are old enough to get married," said the king.

He continued, "There is a young prince from a neighboring kingdom who wants to be your husband. He will come tomorrow, get ready yourself."

The Princess was hopeless. She knew she could not say no to her brother. After all, he was the king.

"All right, I will wait for him," said the princess.

At night, the princess could not sleep well. She was thinking of the prince who would propose her. The princess was so nervous. Then something strange happened. There were red spots in all over her body.

She did not know why this happened! On the following day, the prince came. When the prince met the princess, he was so surprised. He thought that she was not as beautiful as he heard. He cancelled the wedding proposal!

The king was so embarrassed. He wanted the princess to get a medication. Strangely, the red spots were gone. She was cured before she got the medication.

Not long after that, another prince came to propose. Again, the princess suffered the red spots. After the prince cancelled the proposal, the red spots were gone! It continued to happen. Every time a man came to propose her, the princess suffered red spots in her skins.

The king could not hold it anymore. He thought that her disease was so embarrassing. He asked one of his soldiers to bring her to the jungle and kill her!

The soldier brought the princess to the jungle. They had to cross a river. The soldier did not have the heart to kill the princess. He had an idea.

"My Princess, there is something that I have to tell you. The king asked me to kill you because of your strange disease. I don't want to kill you. I will make you a sampan and you can row it to save your life."

The princess was so touched. She was also sad that her brother wanted her to die. Then the princess rowed the sampan. She arrived in a kingdom. The people took her to the king.

"What brought you here?" asked the king.

The Princess told him about her disease and her brother.

"Don't worry. I will cure you," said the king. He was so sad to hear the princess' problem.

The king had a magical power. He could cure the princess' illness. The princess was so happy. She fell in love with the king. The king also had the same feeling. Later they planned to get married.

The princess wanted to invite his brothers to come to her wedding. An the brothers were so shamed. They felt so guilty. They decided to come because they wanted to apologize.

The princess forgave them. Later the princess became a lovable queen. She was not only beautiful but also kind. ***

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