Princess Kandita

Putri Kandita | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from West Java

ONCE upon a time, there was a kingdom in Bogor, West Java. It's Pakuan Pajajaran. The king was Prabu Siliwangi. The king had a queen and some concubines. He had some children from them. His daughter from the queen was Princess Kandita.

Princess Kandita was beautiful. She really looked like her beautiful mother. People loved her. She was not only beautiful, but also kindhearted. She was also wise, polite and helpful.

Prabu Siliwangi really loved Princess Kandita. He thought that she would be a good queen someday. He gave her special attention, He wanted her to be ready for the next queen.

Sadly, that made the concubines and their children jealous. They planned something bad. They wanted to make the king ask the princess to leave the palace!

One concubine went to a witch. She asked the witch to poison the princess. After the witch gave her the poison, the concubine gave her some gold.

The concubine put the poison inside the food. Sadly, the queen and the princess ate the food.

Not long after that, there were some red spots in the queen's and the princess' bodies. Their bodies also produced bad smell. The king asked healers to cure their illness. Unfortunately, no one could cure them.

The queen's condition was very bad. She was so weak. Sadly, she later died. The king and the princess were very sad. The people were also sad because the queen was very kind.

The concubines made good use of the condition by influencing the king.

One of them said, "Your Majesty, maybe the illness is contagious. What if the princess's illness also affects people? Many people will die! We have to do something."

"What do you mean?" asked the king.

Your Majesty, we cannot let the princess stay in the palace. We must ask her to leave the palace," said one concubine.

All the concubines kept on persuading the king. Finally the king listened to them He asked the princess to leave the palace.

Princess Kandita cried when her father asked her to go. She was obedient to her parents and she also loved her people. She hoped that by leaving the palace, people would not be effected.

The princess left the palace. She walked to the southern part. She arrived in the sea. People called the sea as the Southern Sea.

The princess fell asleep.

She suddenly heard a voice. "Your illness can be cured. Just jump to the sea, your body will be back to normal."

The princess was so curious. She looked around but she could not see anyone. She thought it very deeply. She had tried lots of medicine, but she was not cured yet. Therefore she wanted to try what the voice said, she jumped to the sea!

It was true! There were not any red spots in her body. She was completely cured! The princess was very happy.

The princess did not want to go back to the palace. She wanted to stay in the sea and build her kingdom.

People heard about Princess Kandita who lived in the sea. Some princes came to the sea. They fell in love with Princess Kandita and wanted to marry her. The princess gave them one condition. She said she would marry any man who could beat her in a fight. If he lost the fight, he must join her in her kingdom as her soldiers. Unfortunately, no men could beat her. Slowly, Princess Kandita had lots of soldiers.

Until now people believe that the princess still 'lives' in the sea. She is known as the Ruler of Southern Java Sea. ***

Sunda, West Java

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