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Folklore from Southeast Sulawesi

THERE was a handsome man in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. His name is Oheo. He is a kind and diligent farmer. He plants sugarcane trees on his field. Everyday he always takes care of the trees. And he also takes care of the animals.

It was time to harvest the sugarcane. He was so happy. Early in the morning, he left his house and went to the field. However, he was so surprised when he arrived at the field. The field was in a mess. It seemed that some people had already taken his sugarcane. He was so upset.
He wanted to find the thief! He heard some people were laughing.

He heard, “Hmmm this sugarcane is so yummy!”

“Aha!” said Oheo.

“The thieves are still here. I’m going to catch them!”

Oheo tried not to make sounds. However, he could not find them. And when he looked upward, he saw seven beautiful angels fly at the sky. They had the sugarcane! Those angels flew to the river. They wanted to take a bath. Oheo followed them.

Oheo was not angry anymore. Instead, he was so happy. He fell in love and wanted to marry one of the angels. Secretly, he took one of the angels’ shawls. And of course, after finished taking a bath, one angel could not fly to the sky.

Oheo then showed up. He pretended that he was willing to help her.

“My name is Oheo. Why do you look so sad?”

“My name is Princess Anawai. I’m an angel. I just lost my shawl. Without it, I cannot fly back to my home. I live in a palace in the sky,” said the angel.

“Why don’t you stay at my home while I’m looking for it,” said Oheo.

Princess Anawai agreed to stay at his house. She did not know that Oheo was hiding her shawl. Later, Oheo asked her to marry him.

Princess Anawai agreed but Oheo had to promise one thing. Oheo had to clean and wash their children, if they defecated. Oheo agreed. He was really in love with her. Princess Anawai was so beautiful. He also thought that washing the child is not difficult thing to do. It was a year after they got married and they had one child. As promised, Oheo always washed the child after the child defecated.

In one morning, Oheo was busy in the field. The child was defecating. Princess Anawai asked Oheo to wash the child. Oheo refused. He said that he was very busy. Princess Anawai was so sad that her husband did not keep his promise.

So, she washed the child. And then accidentally, she found her shawl. It was kept in the bathroom.

She wore her shawl and flew to the sky. Oheo tried to impede her but Princess Anawai had already made up her mind. She was so disappointed.

Oheo was so sorry. He blamed himself for not being able to keep the promise. He really loved his wife. He tried very hard to fly to the sky.

Finally, he got help. A tree was willing to help him. Oheo and his child climbed the tree. Slowly, the tree is getting higher and higher. And soon, Oheo was able to go to the palace in the sky.

When he arrived, the king was angry. 

“You already made my daughter sad. If you want to find her, go to that dark room. If you can find her, you can take her back to your home. But if you cannot find her, I will put you in the jail.”

Oheo was confused. He did not know how to find her wife in the very dark room. Suddenly, a firefly came to him. He was willing to help Oheo.

With the help of firefly, the room was no longer dark. Therefore, he could find her wife easily. After he found her, Oheo asked her to forgive him. He promised to be a better husband. Later, they went back to their home on earth.***

Fire Fly

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