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Malin Kundang | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from West Sumatra

ONCE upon a time, in a remote village on the coast of West Sumatra, lived a family of fishermen. Because of they were poor, the father decided to sailed across the ocean for better work. Unfortunately, Malin's father never returned home and his mother had to make a living.

Malin was a smart kid, but he was a little naughty. He often chased the chickens and hit them with a broom. One day, when Malin was chasing chickens,  he tripped over a stone and hurt his right hand. The wound became a scar and could not be erased.

Malin felt sorry for his mother who worked hard for the family. Malin decided to leave his home and may return when he become rich.

Malin Kundang's mother disagreed, because her husband never returned. But Malin insisted her and then she agreed to let Malin to go aboard on a merchant ship. At the ship, Malin Kundang  learn much about seamanship from the experienced crews.

On the way, suddenly the ship was attacked by pirates. All of the merchandise traders seized by pirates. Most of the crews and people on the ship killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang was lucky, he was hiding in a small space under the woods and the pirates couldn't find him.

Malin Kundang drifted on the sea, until finally the ship stranded on a beach. With the remained power, Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village. The land was very fertile. With patient and hard work, Malin gradually managed to become a wealthy man. He had a lot of merchant ships with men of more than 100 people. After becoming rich, Malin Kundang married to a girl.

The news of wealthy and married Malin Kundang heard by his mother. She felt grateful and very happy that his son had succeeded. Since then, Malin's mother went to the dock every day, waited for her son, who may return home one day.

After a long marriage, Malin and his wife set sail with a lot of crews. Malin's mother saw the arrival of the ship. She saw two people who were standing on the deck of the ship. She believed they were Malin Kundang and his wife.

Malin's mother was headed toward the ship. Once close enough, Malin's mother saw the scar on his hand, she was sure that the man was Malin Kundang.

"Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without any message?", she said, hugged Malin Kundang.

But when he saw the old woman dressed shabby and dirty hugged him, Malin Kundang became angry, even though he knew that the old woman was his mother. This was because he was embarrassed when it was known by his wife and his crews.

Malin Kundang's mother was extremely angry. She had not expected him to become disobedient. Not long after that Malin Kundang sailed again. Later, a violent storm destroyed the ship.

At the same time, Malin Kundang's mother was praying with anger and shouted, "Lord, if true, he is Malin, my son, I curse him to become a rock!"

Malin Kundang body slowly became rigid and finally shaped into a rock. Until now Malin Kundang stone can still be seen at a beach called Pantai Air Manis, in the southern city of Padang, West Sumatra.


Malin Kundang rock

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