La Upe

La Upe | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from South Sulawesi

LA Upe was a good son. He lived with his father and his stepmother. His mother had died. After he had a stepmother, La Upe's a life had completely changed. His stepmother got angry easily. When La Upe failed to do something, the stepmother would hit him terribly.

One day, his stepmother asked La Upe to go fishing. She said that she wanted to cook fish for dinner.

La Upe went to the river. He brought his fishing rod. He had been in the river for hours but he still did not catch any fish. He was restless. Suddenly he felt his fishing rod caught something. Yes! He caught a big fish!

Suddenly, the fish talked! Yes, the fish talked like humans!

"Please let me go. I am the king of fish. If you let me go, I will give you power. you can do anything you want," said the fish.

"Really?" asked La Upe.

"Yes... You only have to say by the power of the king of the fish."

La Upe released the fish. He saw the fish swam and slowly disappeared.

At home, the stepmother asked, ..Where's the fish?"

"I caught a big fish but I released it back to the river."

"You what?!" the stepmother was so furious.

She wanted to hit La Upe.

La Upe wanted to use the power given by the king of fish.

He said, "Let my stepmother get stuck at the door by the power of the king of the fish!"

Amazingly, the stepmother was stuck at the door. She could not move. It seemed that she was glued at the door.

The stepmother cried. "Please help me, La Upe. I promise you, I will be good to you."

La Upe smiled. "I will help you now... but remember, you have to keep your promise."

Then La Upe said, "Let my stepmother free by the power of the king of the fish."

Amazingly, the stepmother was freed. She was so grateful and as promised she treated La Upe very well.

One day the king made an announcement. The princess was ill and the palace healer could not cure her. The king was almost helpless. He told his people that if a man could cure her, he would let him marry his daughter. If the healer was a woman, he would make her as his stepdaughter.

People came to heal the princess. Unfortunately no one could cure her. La Upe also heard the announcement. He wanted to heal the princess.

He came to palace and told the king that he wanted to heal the princess. La Upe went to the princess' bedroom.

La Upe said, "Let the princess be healed by the power of the king of the fish!,"

Amazingly, the princess was healed! The king was so happy.

"Thank you very much. May I know how you can heal my daughter?" asked the king.

La Upe told the king about his family and about the king of the fish. The king was so touched.

He said, "l think you will be a good husband for my daughter."

The king held a great wedding party and years later, when the king died, La Upe became the new king. He led the kingdom wisely. The people lived happily and peacefully. ***

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