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Folklore from Aceh

A long time ago in Tanah Alas, Aceh, lived a widow with her son named Kepar. They lived alone in a hut. Kepar was a kind kid. He always helped his mother. Kepar’s parents divorced when he was a baby. Kepar’s father left and stayed in other place. He never visited Kepar. That made Kepar did not know his father.

Kepar’s friends always made fun of him. They said that Kepar was not a normal kid because he did not have a father. They said that Kepar’s father hated Kepar so much and that was why he left Kepar.

One day, Kepar could not hold it anymore. He dared himself to talk to his mother and asked about his father. At first, his mother refused to tell him. But Kepar kept on pushing her to tell him the truth. Finally, Kepar’s mother gave up. She then told everything about his father.

After he knew all about his father, Kepar went to look for him. He went to a very high mountain where his father lived. He was walking for days and nights. Finally he arrived at his father’s hut.

“Good morning, Sir,” said Kepar.

“Good morning kid. Who are you and where are you from?”

“My name is Kepar. I’m from Tanah Alas,” answered Kepar.

The man was surprised. He knew his son and his former wife lived there. Kepar then told him about himself and his mother.

“So, you are my son,” cried his father. They were hugging each other.

“I missed you, Father. I always think about you. My friends said that you hated me and so you left me,” said Kepar.

“They were wrong. I never hated you. Your mother and I had to live separately. But don’t worry, now you can stay with me also,” said Kepar’s father.

Kepar was so happy. Since then he lived in two houses. He stayed at his father’s for a week and stayed with his mother in another week. One day Kepar had an idea to reunite his parents.

“Father, I am really sad to see you live alone. Why don’t you remarry? I can find you a beautiful woman for you,” said Kepar.

“I don’t know about that Kepar. Let me think about it,” answered Kepar’s father.

Kepar also said the same thing to his mother. There was a man who wanted to marry her. Kepar then set the time and place for his parents’ meeting. When they finally met, Kepar’s parents were surprised. They haven’t seen each other for a long time.

At first, they did not recognize each other. Kepar’s mother was still beautiful and his father was still handsome. Kepar then begged to them. He asked them to reunite. Kepar’s parents then forgave each other. To make their son happy, they remarried and lived happily ever after. ***

Takengon, Aceh

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