Jayaprana and Layonsari

Jayaprana dan Layonsari | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Bali

Once upon a time, there was a poor kid. His name was Jayaprana, He was an orphan. He lived alone in his house.

Jayaprana wanted to serve his life to the king. So one day, he went to the palace and told the king that he wanted to dedicate his life to the kingdom.

The king was so touched to see a young boy who had great motivation to serve his life to the kingdom. He welcomed Jayaprana and let him work and stay and in the palace.

Time passed by and Jayaprana became a handsome young man. The king liked him very much. Jayaprana was loyal, faithful, and obedient to the king.

One day the king asked Jayaprana to meet him.

"What can I do, Your Majesty?" asked Jayaprana politely.

'You are adult now and I want you to get married. There are ladies-in-waiting in this palace. Choose one to be your wife," said the king.

"Please pardon me, Your Majesty. If you want me to get married, please let me find a girl from outside this palace. I would rather marry a girl from a village who is just like me, your Majesty."

The king smiled. "If that's what you want, I let you do it. Just let me know when you find that girl. I will write a letter to her parents asking them to let you marry her."

Jayaprana was so happy. He immediately left the palace and looked for the girl he would marry.

Jayaprana arrived in a village. He saw a very beautiful girl. He loved her at the first sight. Jayaprana followed her and asked her name. She said that her name was Layonsari.

Jayaprana rushed to the palace and told the king about Layonsari. As promised, the king wrote a letter to Layonsari's parents.

Jayaprana gave the letter and Layonsari's parents accepted the marriage proposal. They immediately set the plan for the party.

The party was held at the palace. And when the king saw Layonsari, he fell in love with her! The king had a bad plan. He wanted to kill Jayaprana and later married Layonsari.

The king made a plan. He asked Jayaprana to go to the jungle for hunting a deer. The king asked his soldier to secretly followed Jayaprana and then killed him.

Jayaprana told his wife that the king asked him to go hunting. Layonsari asked him not to go. She had a bad feeling. However Jayaprana convinced her that he would go home safely.

Jayaprana arrived in the jungle. He did not know that a soldier silently followed him. Suddenly, the soldier stabbed him. Jayaprana died.

The king told Layonsari that Jayaprana was attacked by a tiger. He pretended to be sad when he told her the bad news.

Layonsari was crying terribly. She could not imagine that she would lose her beloved husband.

The king said "I know you are sad but life goes on. You have to continue your life. Why don't you stay in the palace and marry me. You can become a queen."

Layonsari could not believe what she just heard. "No, Your Majesty! I don't want to marry you. I love my husband."

The king was angry! "If you don't marry me, you will die!"

"I'd rather die, Your Majesty!" said Layonsari.

She grabbed a knife and killed herself.

Layonsari lost too much blood. She died.

The king was angry. He lost his control. He attacked and killed people around him.

That made people became restless. They worked together to stop the king. And finally they cornered the king. They caught the king and put him in a prison. ***

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