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I Karake'lette | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from West Sulawesi

BALANIPA was a small kingdom in Mandar, West Sulawesi. The people lived happily and prosperously. The land was fertile and people enjoyed good harvest. And sadly that made other kingdoms become jealous. And they wanted to occupy Balanipa!

One of the kingdoms that wanted to occupy Balanipa was Gowa Kingdom. It was a big kingdom! Gowa had lots of soldiers with great weapons and they were ready to attack Balanipa.

"What should we do, Your Majesty?" asked the Chief of Commander to King Balanipa.

He just reported to the king that King Gowa and his soldiers were sailing to Balanipa to occupy them.

"We don't have enough soldiers to have war against them," the Chief continued.

"Well, tell all the men in the kingdom that we need them. Tell them that we will recruit them as our soldiers!" ordered the king.

The Chief immediately made an announcement. Soon many men came to the palace to register. They were eager to join the king to defend their kingdom against Gowa Kingdom.

Men came to the palace. One of them was I Karake'lette. He was old and his physical condition
was not good. He was lame, he could not walk well.

"\What are you doing here?" asked one soldier.

"I want to be a soldier and fight against Gowa," replied I Karake'lette.

People were laughing at him.

One man said, "You are old and lame, why don't you just go home!"

They rejected I Karake'lette to be a soldier. He did not have any other choices. He went home.

In the meantime, soldiers of Gowa Kingdom had arrived at Mandar Port. King Gowa led his soldiers in his big ship.

The soldiers from the two kingdoms were fighting! Unfortunately, Gowa kingdom had more soldiers with better weapons. In just a minute, lots of soldiers from Balanipa Kingdom were killed. The chief asked the remaining soldiers to go back to the palace.

I Karake'lette knew that they were about to lose the war. He went to the king. He said, 'Your Majesty please let me join your soldiers. I promise you that I can kill King Gowa."

King Balanipa was so touched to see I Karake'lette's spirit. He was old and lame however he had great motivation to defend the kingdom. And the king finally let him join the soldiers. After all, he already lost too many soldiers. He needed any help!

When they arrived at Mandar Port, I Karake'lette sneaked to the King Gowa's ship. He met the king!

"Leave Balanipa and go hack to your place!" ordered I Karake'lette bravely.

King Gowa was laughing to see an old and lame man was threatening him.

He said, "If I don't want to leave Balanipa, what will you do?" mocked the king.

'I will kill you!" yelled I Karake'lette.

"Ha ha ha... kill me now!"

The two men were fighting terribly. Though he was old and lame, I Karake'lette had mastered martial art very well. He was also skillful in using a knife. Soon, King Gowa was killed! And after they knew their king was dead, soldiers of Gowa Kingdom immediately went back home.

Balanipa soldiers were so happy! They all praised I Karake'lette! And the king was also happy. He gave I Karake'lette lots of gold. And he also asked I Karake'lette to stay in the palace and become a soldier. People admired and honored I Karake'lette. They never underestimated him anymore. ***

Kalumpang Mamuju, West Sulawesi

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