Beungong Meulu and Beungong Peukeun

Beungong Meulu dan Beungong Peukeun | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Aceh

ONCE upon a time there was a fisherman. His name was Beungong Peukeun. He lived with his sister. Her name was Beungong Meulu. Their parents died when they were children.

One day Beungong Peukeun went fishing. Sadly, it was not his lucky day. He could not catch any fish. Instead, he caught a big egg in his net. He brought the egg home and asked his sister to cook it. When it was done, Beungong Peukeun ate the egg. He spared some of the egg to his sister.

"I have finished eating the egg and the rest is still on the table," said Beungong Peukeun.

"I'm not hungry now. Maybe I will eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning."

"It's up to you," replied Beungong Peukeun.

It was late at night. They were tired and went to bed to sleep. In the morning, Beungong Peukeun felt so thirsty. He drank lots of water but it was not enough for him. He also felt very hot.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Beungong Peukeun to his sister.

"I don't know..." said Beungong Meulu helplessly.

Later an incredible thing happened to Beungong Peukeun. His body was slowly getting bigger. He also had tail and wings!

"Oh my God! My brother, you changed into a dragon!" screamed Beungong Meu1u.

Yes! Beungong Peukeun had changed into a dragon.

He remembered something. "The egg! It must be the dragon's egg! Don't eat the egg!"

"I won't! I will throw it away now," said Beungong Meulu.

What should we do now?" asked Beungong Meulu.

"We cannot live here anymore. People will kill me if they see a dragon here. Come on, jump on my back. I will take you away," said Beungong Peukeun.

Beungong Meulu jumped on the dragon's back and later the dragon flew away. While they were flying above the sea, suddenly another dragon came! The dragon looked angry when he saw another dragon came to his place. He attacked Beungong Peukeun.

The two dragons were fighting terribly. The dragon attacked Beungong Peukeun very hard. And that made Beungong Meulu was thrown to the sea She was drowned.

A ship came and helped Beungong Meulu. She was unconscious. When she woke up, she called out his brother's name.

"Beungong Peukeun! Where are you?"

The owner of the ship was a young merchant.

He said, "Relax, you are safe here. Who is Beungong Peukeun?"

She slowly explained the merchant about her brother.

The merchant then said, "We will find your brother. Don't worry."

The ship finally arrived in an island. They stopped. Later, the crew reported that they saw a dead dragon in the island. Beungong Meulu and the merchant came to see the dead dragon. Unfortunately, it was the body of Beungong Peukeun. Beungong Meulu was so sad to lose her beloved brother. She cried terribly.

The merchant said, "I can help you. The one that is dead is the dragon, not your brother as a human. I can make him back as a human."

Well, the merchant had a supernatural power. He concentrated and then touched the dead dragon.

Amazingly, the dead dragon slowly moved and changed back as a human. Beungong Meulu was so happy that his brother was alive! Since then, they lived happily ever after. ***


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