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Folktale from Central Java

THERE was a village in Central Java. The head of the village was called the Adipati. He was very rich. He had a big house. He also had many employees who worked for him,

The Adipati was very much respected. It was not just because he was the head of the village, but also he was from a noble family. Most of the villagers were just common people.

The Adipati had a beautiful daughter. She was very famous. Everybody knew her and loved her. The Adipati's daughter was not only beautiful, but also kind-hearted. She was polite and helpful.

The Adipati's daughter was still single. The Adipati asked his only daughter to get married soon.

"What are you waiting for? You are old enough to get married. I know lots of young men love you and some of them have already asked my permission to marry you. I'm sure you don't have any problem to choose the man you want to marry," said the Adipati.

His daughter was speechless. She was trying to say to her father that she was in love with a man. However she was so scared to tell him about the man she loved.

Well, who was the man she loved? His name was Suta. He was one of the Adipati's employees. Unlike the Adipati's family, Suta was not from a noble family. He was just common people.

Suta and the Adipati's daughter had a secret relationship. They loved each other. They did not tell anyone about it. However they knew thatsooner or later they had to tell the Adipati before he knew it from sorneone else.

So, when the Adipati asked his daughter to get married soon, she thought it was time for her to teII his father about her relationship with Suta.

"You what!!!" yelled the Adipati.

He was so angry when he heard that his only daughter was having a relationship with one of his employees.

"You are from a noble and Suta is just a common person! You don't deserve him!" The Adipati was so angry.

The daughter was crying. This was exactly what she was afraid of. She was completely helpless.

After that, the Adipati asked Suta to leave his big house.

"I don't want you to work here anymore. Get out!" yelled the Adipati to Suta. Suta could not do anything. Before he left, he asked his friend to give his letter to the Adipati's daughter.

The Adipati's daughter was crying when she read Suta's letter. Suta told her that the Adipati had asked him to leave. Suta was planning to go to another place. He also asked the Adipati's daughter to join him.

The Adipati's daughter knew that she could not live without Suta. So, she left the house and joined Suta.

They both walked and walked. They finally arrived in an empty place. Nobody lived there. Suta and the Adipati's daughter decided to stay and built their house.

One by one, people came and also stayed there. Slowly it became a village. Because they did not have a leader, they asked Suta to become their leader.

They also named their place as Baturaden, it was from the words batur and raden. Batur means employee/helper and raden is related to the level of noble family. Baturaden is located in Central Java. The place is getting bigger and more people live there. ***

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