Anyang and the King of Fish

Anyang dan Raja Ikan | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Riau

THERE was a poor boy. His name was Anyang. He often walked along the sides of Siak River singing a sad song. The song was about how he missed his mother.

Where was Anyang's mother? Well, actually she was dead. Anyang did not know it and people did not have the heart to tell Anyang that his mother had died. The last time Anyang met his mother, she said that she would go to Siak River. That was why he often went to the river to look for his mother.

The news about Anyang singing a sad song while looking for his mother had spread. Even the fish in the river knew about Anyang!

The king of fish was so touched when he heard about Anyang. So one day while Anyang was looking for his mother, the King of Fish swam to the surface of the river.

"Don't be sad, Anyang," said the King of Fish.

Anyang was so surprised when he saw a big fish was talking to him.

"Who are you? And how do you know my name?"

"Don't be afraid. !'m the King of the Fish. I rule this river. I know your name because you are famous here. And I know that you are sad because you are looking for your mother. Listen, I want to be your friend. I will give you this stick. Every time you want to see me, just hit the water with this stick and I will come," said the King of Fish.

Anyang was happy. He had a new friend. So when he felt very lonely, he just hit the water with his stick. The King of Fish came and they talked for hours.

Meanwhile, the head of Siak Village wanted to adopt Anyang. Her name was Batin Perawang. She did not have any child.

Batin Perawang told Anyang that she wanted to adopt him. She also told that his mother had died. She showed him the grave. Anyang was terribly sad. He just knew that his beloved mother had died and he would never see her again.

Anyang lived in Batin Perawang's house. She took care of Anyang very well She really loved him. She taught him important lessons. She prepared him to b'e the future leader.

Days passed by and Anyang had grown to be a great man. He was strong and also kind polite, and helpful. He still went to the river and met the King of Fish.

One day, a big ship came to Siak River. People were so scared. It was the ship of the robbers! They came to rob and stole people's wealth.

Some villagers came to Batin Perawan's house and told her that the ship was coming.

"The robbers came with lots of weapons! What should we do?" asked one villager.

"I know what to do," Anyang interrupted.

"I will ask my friends in the river to help me."

"What do you mean? I don't understand," said Batin Perawang, his step mother.

'Don't worry, Mother. I know what to do."

He grabbed his stick and went to the river. In the river, Anyang hit the water with the stick. Later, the King of Fish came.

He said, "What's the matter, Anyang? Why do you look so scared?"

"Do you see that ship coming here? Ifs a ship of robbers. They will rob and hurt us. Please help!"

"Don t worry. I will ask all the fish in this river to attack them!"

Later the entire fish in the river attacked the ship. Slowly the ship was sinking. The robbers swam and saved their lives. They gave up! The villagers caught the robbers and brought them to Batin Perawang. She then forgave them and asked them to leave their village.

People were so happy. They were also very thankful to Anyang. They were very proud of him. Batin Perawang then knew that Anyang was ready to be a leader. She told all the villagers that she would step down and chose Anyang to be the new leader.

People agreed. Since then Anyang became the new leader. He led wisely. People lived happily and peacefully. ***

Siak Kingdom Palace

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