The Legend of Pamboang

A long time ago, three men came to Majene, West Sulawesi. They wanted to open a new place. Those three men were brothers. They were I Lauase, I Lauwella, and I Labuqang.

They arrived in the beach. It was empty. No humans lived there. So the three brothers divided jobs among them.

I Lauase worked in the land. He wanted to open new fields for plantation. I Lauwella and I Labuqang worked on the beach. I Lauwella cleaned the beach from the seaweeds and I Labuqang covered the hole made by the crabs.

They worked hard everyday. And finally they succeeded. I Lauase had fields with so many trees, fruits and vegetables. I Lauwella and I Labuqang already cleaned the beach from the seaweeds and the covered the holes.

One by one people came to their place. And slowly it became a new village. The three brothers were the leaders of the village. They thought they had to find a name for their village.

“I have an idea. Let’s name it Pallayarang Tallu,” said I Lauase.

“What does it mean,” asked I Lauwella.

“Well, Pallayarang means ship pole and Tallu means three,” explained I Lauase.

They all agreed. Since then they named the village as Pallayarang Tallu. More and more people came to Pallayarang Tallu. The village was growing into a small town.

The name Pallayarang Tallu was so famous. One man was interested to know more about the new town. His name was Puatta Di Karena. He was from Passokkorang kingdom. He went to Pallayarang Tallu with many people.

They were refugees. Their kingdom was attacked by their enemy. They came to Pallayarang Tallu to ask for help. The leader, Puatta Di Karena came to I Lauase’s house.

“Our kingdom is attacked. Can you help us?” asked Puatta Di Karena.

“I’m not the only leader here. I have to discuss with my brothers,” answered I Lauase.

Later, the three brothers held a meeting. After that they met Puatta Di Karena to tell him about their decision.

“We cannot help you. We don’t have enough soldiers yet. You can see that Pallayarang Tallu is a new town. There are not so many people live here,” explained I Lauase.

“But we really need your help. Pallayarang Tallu is the nearest town from our kingdom. Besides that, the three of you are very strong men. You can build this town. It means you have great power. I’m sure we can win if you help us,” said Puatta Di Karena.

He continued, “If you help us, I will give you tambo.”

Tambo means fee or money.

The three brothers then discussed. They needed more money. And the tambo could be used to build Pallayarang Tallu.

“When will you give us the tambo?” asked I Lauase.

“Next week,” answered Puatta Di Karena.

Then the people of Pallayarang Tallu helped them. They won! However Puatta Di Karena did not show up yet. He disappeared. Nobody knew where he was. The people of Pallayarang Tallu always talked about the tambo.

Slowly the word tambo changed into tamboang, then changed into pamboang. Since then the people changed the name Pallayarang Tallu into Pamboang. Pamboang is an area in Majene, West Sulawesi.***

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