The Hidden Treasure

Harta Karun | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Bali

A long time ago, there lived a farmer with his five sons. The farmer's wife died when the youngest child was a baby. The farmer was rich. He had a spacious rice field. He had a big house and lots of money. The five sons were teenagers. Sadly, they did not like to help their father. They only played and wasted their time having fun with their friends. They always asked money to their parent and wasted it by gambling.

The father had repeatedly advised them and always told them to work hard and not to wasted the money.

Unfortunately they never listened to their father. They always ignored him. The father was sad. He always thought about his children's bad behavior. It made his health get worse. He suffered an illness.

What did the children do when they knew their father was sick? They did not care at all! They kept on wasting their father's money.

The father was not able to work. He did not have any income. He spent all the money to buy the medicine. Slowly, the farmer was getting poor.

The father was in the critical condition. He thought that he would not be able to live any longer. He asked all his children to meet him.

"My health is getting worse and I think I cannot live any longer. Before I die, I want to tell you a secret. Promise that you will never share this secret to any other people," said the father.

"What secret, Father?" asked the oldest son.

"I have a great treasure. The value is so expensive. If you sell it, you will have lots of money," said the father.

"Really? Where is the treasure, Father?" asked the second son.

"I buried it in my rice field. I forget which side of the field. You have to hoe and dig all areas," explained the father. Not long after he. told them the secret, the father died.

Later, those five sons went to the rice fields. It was not in a good condition. It was dried and there was no rice plant at all. They brought some hoes and crowbars.They started to dig the rice field.

The rice field was so spacious. It was almost dark and they had not got any signs of the treasure.

"I think it's enough for today. Let's go home and we will continue tomorrow" suggested the oldest child. The others agreed.

They all went home. The next morning, they went back to the rice field. They hoed and dug the land. Again, until it was almost dark, they could not find the treasure.

On the third day, they had completed hoed and dug the land. They were confused.

"Do you think our father lied to us? He said that he buried the treasure in this field. We have dug all areas but we cannot find it," said the oldest son.

'Yes, you are right! I think our father lied to us," said the third son.

The youngest son interrupted.

He said, "No! You are wrong! Our father did not lie to us. He was right when he said the treasure is inside this field. In fact we are now looking at the treasure."

"What do you mean?" asked the fourth son.

"This rice field is our treasure. You see... this field is so spacious. When it is time to harvest, the field
will give us lots of money. Where do you think our father had lots of money? The money is from this field! Come on, let's work hard and cultivate this field. I'm sure we will have lots of money during the harvest," explained the youngest child.

All the other sons understood. They also realized their mistakes. They knew they had been wrong and they had to stop their bad habits. Since then, the five sons worked hard. Slowly they became rich again. ***


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