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A long time ago, in Gulf Baguala, Maluku, there lived a giant crocodile. The crocodile was very big. Its tail was long and its teeth were sharp.

The crocodile looked so scary. The skin color was bronze and it made anyone and any animals that just saw the crocodile would be scared to death. The crocodile was named bronze crocodile.

Though the crocodile looked so scary all animals in the gulf loved him very much. Why? How could this happen? Why all the animals loved the crocodile? Well it was because the crocodile protected them. Yes, the bronze crocodile was their king. All the animals in the gulf lived happily and peacefully. It was a beautiful day while a crab looked so worried.

"Hey, what's the matter with you?" asked a fish.

"I... I... I..." the crab was unable to talk.

"Calm down, relax. Then tell me what happened."

"There is a big snake coming to our gulf. He is trying to eat me. Luckily I was able to escape," said the crab.

In the middle of their conversation, came an octopus.

"Gosh... you are not going to believe what just happened to me," said the octopus.

"Why? What's going on?" asked the fish.

"A big snake just attacked me. He almost ate me. I escaped," said the octopus nervously.

"We cannot let this happen. We have to report it to our king," said the fish.

"I agree! Let's meet our king!" said the octopus.

The three of them immediately went to see their king, the bronze crocodile. In just a minute, they arived at the bronze crocodile's place,

"Your Majesty, we have a bad news! A big snake is coming to our place. He is disturbing us and trying to eat us!" said the crab.

"I have to stop the snake!" said the bronze crocodile.

He continued,

"Where is he? Where can I find him?"

"I will show you where he is, Your Majesty. Please follow me," said the octopus.

The crocodile bravely followed the octopus. He was so angry! He hated that his place was disturbed.

"Over there, Your Majesty! That's the snake that tried to eat me," said the octopus. He pointed at one big snake.

"Thank you, now you can go home," said the bronze crocodile.

"Hey, you! What are you doing here?" asked the bronze crocodile to the snake angrily.

"I'm hungry I want to eat," said the snake arrogantly.

"You cannot do it here! You are not welcomed! Go away!" asked the crocodile.

"Ha ha ha... I will not go. I love this place and I will stay here!"

"Then I have to fight you," said the crocodile.

The fight between the bronze crocodile and the snake was unstoppable. The fight was very terrible.

Luckily the bronze crocodile was much stronger than the snake. Soon, the snake died. All the animals were extremely happy. They did not have to worry anymore.

Until now, the people of Maluku believe that the bronze crocodile still lives in the Gulf Baguala. The crocodile often shows himself and after that, lots.of fish will follow him. That's why people are happy when they can see the bronze crocodile because later they can catch lots of fish. ***

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