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Telu Pak | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Lampung

A long time ago, lived a young man named Buyung. When he was a kid, his parents spoiled him. They always gave him whatever he asked. Buyung grew as a spoiled and lazy man. He did not like to work hard.

Buyung was grown up and he had been married. His parents had died and Buyung did not have money. He became poor! His wife suggested that he should find a teacher to give him a lesson how to be rich again, Buyung agreed, he left his house and started his journey to find a teacher.

Finally, Buyung met a teacher. He advised Buyung always to do good things although he did not like to do them. Buyung accepted the advice then he went home.

Three month after he met the teacher and did his advice, Buyung still did not become rich. He decided to find a new a teacher.

He met the second teacher. He advised Buyung not to dream for something impossible to happen. Buyung understood then he went home.

Again, Buyung was upset because the teacher's advice did not make him rich. He wanted to find another teacher.

He met the third teacher. He advised Buyung not to listen to women because it could disturb his mind.

Unfortunately that advice made Buyung and his wife always arguing. Finally Buyung realized that it was a bad advice so he decided to find another teacher.

He said, "I will give you advice and I can guarantee that you will be successful and rich if you do my advice. But you have to promise that you will not find ant other teacher."

Buyung agreed. Then the fourth teacher said that Buyung had to help people any time, days and nights. Buyung understood later he changed his name into Telu Pak, telu means three and pak means four. For short, Telu Pak is a person who had four teachers.

One night, someone knocked at Telu Pak's door. A soldier came with a dead body. He said that his friend died and he could not bring the dead body to the palace. He asked Telu Pak to bury the dead body. Telu Pak remembered his teacher's advice, so he helped the soldier.

It was dark and Telu Pak could not see clearly. While he was digging the land, his hoe hit something. It was a shining big stone! After he finished buried the soldier, he showed the stone to his wife.

"It's a diamond!" said his wife.

Yes, it was a big diamond! And news spread very fast people were talking that TeIu Pak had a big diamond.

The king also heard it and he wanted to have it. He went to Telu Pak's house.

He said, "Telu Pak, I also have a diamond like yours but it's smaller. I believe that your diamond is the mother of my diamond. And I'm also sure that the mother diamond is looking for her child."

The king continued, "Let's put 'the diamonds on the table. If your diamond is approaching  mine, then your diamond belongs to me. on the other hand, if my diamond is approaching yours, then my diamond belongs to you."

"Deal!" said Telu Pak. He agreed with the king's challenge.

Later they put their diamonds on the table. Slowly, the king's diamond is approaching Telu Pak diamond. The king kept his promise, he gave his diamond to Telu Pak.

Telu Pak was happy. He had two diamonds. He sold the diamond and spent the money wisely. He gave some of his money to poor people. People respected Telu Pak and many people became his students. Telu Pak taught them about all the lessons from his four teachers. ***

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