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Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Timur

ONCE upon a time, there was a boy named Skolong. He lived with his parents. Skolong was a good son. He was kind, helpful, and obedient to his parents. Skolong was also a handsome boy.

One day, his father asked him to go to his uncle's house.

'Your aunt is pregnant and later she will have a baby. If the baby is a girl, you will marry her when she is grown up," said Skolong's father.

Well, it was a customary for cousins to get married and the traditions also said that marriages were arranged by the parents. Skolong understood the tradition and he obeyed his father's request.

Skolong arrived at his uncle's house. His uncle welcomed him happily. Meanwhile Skolong secretly wished that his cousin would be beautiful. Sadly, his wish did not come true. The baby was a girl, however she did not look like a human. She did not have hands and feet. She did not have a neck. Her body was round. The parents were shocked to see their daughter's condition. They named her Cue and it means wild sweet potatoes. People could find cue only in the forest. They named her Cue because her boy looked like a cue.

Though she did not look like any ordinary girls, Cue grew as a smart girl. She could talk
and sing very well.

In the mean time, Skolong still stayed at his uncle's house. He did not want to marry Cue. So, he planned to go home. He told his uncle and his aunt about his plan. They could not stop Skolong. They understood that Skolong did not want to marry their daughter.

Skolong went thome. He did not know that Cue secretly followed him. She could not walk. The way she moved was rolling her body.

She sometimes stopped to rest. When she rested, she sang about how much she loved Skolong.

Finally Cue arrived at Skolong's house. There was a party. Skolong's parents held a party to welcome him. Cue really wanted to attend to the party, however she knew about her condition. She prayed to God. She asked God to give her a miracle.

Cue fell asleep. She had a dream. An old woman told her to burn her dead skin. Cue woke up. She did not understand about her dream. However she did it anyway. She burnt her dead skin.

And a miracle happened! After the dead skin was burnt, Cue had hands and feet! Yes, she looked like a normal person. Not just a normal person, she was so beautiful!

Cue was so happy. She thanked God for answering her prayer. Later she went to Skolong's house to attend to the party.

Skolong was so amazed when she saw a beautiful girl at his party. He came and introduced

"Welcome to my house, my name is Skolong."

"I know who you are," replied Cue happily.

'You do? How? We've never met before."

"I am Gue."

"That's impossible," said Skolong.

Cue then told him about her dream and the dead skin. She showed him some of the skin. Skolong finally believed that she was really Cue.

Skolong was also in love with Cue. He asked her to marry him. Cue happily accepted it. Well, her true love to Skolong never died. Later they got married and they lived happily ever after. ***

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