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Folklore from Riau

AN old man was on the way to his house. His name was Batin Lagoi. He was a leader in his community He was very rich and powerful. He was also very wise and smart.

While Batin Lagoi was walking, he heard a baby crying. He was looking around, searching for the baby.

Batin Lagoi heard that the crying was coming from the pandanus tree. Slowly he approached the tree.

The old man was so surprised. He found a cute baby girl was crying. Slowly he lifted the baby and brought her home.

He named the baby Putri Pandan Berduri. Putri means daughter, Pandan is pandanus tree, while Berduri is thorny. She was named Putri Pandan Berduri because she was found in a thorny pandanus tree.

Batin Lagoi raised Putri Pandan Berduri as his own child. He also taught her about knowledge and wisdom. He also gave her the best things for her, such as beautiful clothes and expensive jewelry.

Though her step father always gave her anything she wanted Putri Pandan Berduri did not grow as a spoiled child. Instead, she became a wise girl She was also smart. She always wanted to study something new.

One day, Putri Pandan Berduri met an old woman. She was carrying heavy firewood. She felt very sorry for the old woman. She politely offered her help to carry the firewood. The old woman was so happy.

When they arrived at the old woman's house, Putri Pandan Berduri asked her.

"Why do you look for firewood by yourself? Where is your husband or children?"

The old woman looked sad. She said, "I live alone. My husband had died long time ago. And sadly, I don't have any children."

"Why don't you ask your neighbor to help you collect the firewood?" asked Putri Pandan Berduri.

The old woman smiled. "I don't want to bother people. If I'm still able to do it, I'll do it myself."

Putri Pandan Berduri thought that the old woman was very wise. She wanted to learn from her. She asked her father's permission to stay at the old woman's house for several months. At first, he did not agree. Fortunately she was able to convince him that she would be fine and come back home safely.

Since then, Putri Pandan Berduri stayed at the old woman s house. She learned lots of things, such as cooking, mopping, and other household chores. The old woman also gave her advice about the values of life.

Although it was tiring, Putri Pandan Berduri was very happy. The old woman was willing to teach her anything. ***

Pandanus Tree

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