Nyapu and Moret

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Folklore from  East Kalimantan

"HELP! Please help me!" screamed an old man.

"Ha ha ha, who can help you!" mocked a beggar.

Yes, some beggars came to a village and stole the villagers' belongings.

The villagers were so scared, the beggars brought lots of weapons and they would hurt anyone who stopped them stealing. And after they were satisfied, the beggars left the village and brought the villagers' belongings.

At night, the villagers had a meeting. They were trying to find the solution.

"We have to leave this village and go to other place safer. I'm sure the beggars will come back and steal our belongings. And I'm worried they will hurt us," suggested a man. His name was Nyapu.

"I don't agree. This is my place and I will not leave this village," said one man.

"It's up to you, but my wife and I are going to leave this village and find a safe place. If you want to join me, we will leave tomorrow morning," offered Nyapu.

Early in the morning, Nyapu and his wife were ready to go. Some villagers joined them and the rest still stayed in the village. Nyapu led the group. He encouraged them when the villagers were tired. He told them that they would find a safe place.

After spending a difficult journey, they finally found a good place. They thought it was safe. Nyapu asked them to build houses. And after the houses were ready, they cultivated the land. The planted some trees. Yes, they continued their lives as farmers. They lived happily.

Months later, Nyapu had some guests. Who were they? Well, they were the villagers who still stayed in their old village. Sadly, not long after Nyapu and the villagers left their place, the beggars came. They stole and hurt the villagers.

They decided to leave the village and followed Nyapu. Nyapu welcomed them nicely. Their new place became a small community. And they chose Nyapu to become their leader.

The villagers were happy, they were safe from the beggars. And for Nyapu, his life was getting happier when his wife was pregnant. And when the baby was,born, all the villagers were also happy. Nyapu and his wife had baby girl and he named her Moret.

Moret grew as a beautiful girl. Nyapu taught everything. Moret learned very well. She was very grateful. Her father did not only taught her about farming but also about leading. Nyapu planned to make Moret as the new leader.

Nyapu was old and as he planned, he asked Moret to be the leader. Moret agreed, she did not want to disappoint her beloved father. Sadly, not long after Moret became the new leader, the village suffered long drought. It was dried. The villagers badly needed the water. And when they were in the middle of the problem, there came a young handsome man. His name was Karang. He had heard about Moret. He wanted to see how beautiful she was. And when he met her, Karang fell in love instantly. He wanted to marry her. He then proposed her.

Moret had a wish. She only wanted to marry a man who could bring safety and prosperity to her people. She then told Karang that she would marry him if he could make rain fall down.

Well, Moret did not know that Karang mastered supernatural power: He also mastered great skills in martial arts. Karang easily did what Moret asked him to do. Rain fell down heavily. All the villagers were happy. And of course, Moret agreed to marry Karang. The couple lived happily ever after. ***

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