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Folklore from Jambi

A long time ago there was a big kingdom in Jambi. The king was King Tan Talanai. He was powerful. He led the kingdom wisely. The people loved their king very much and they obeyed him.

People thought their king and queen were happy. Well, they were wrong. The king and the queen did not have any child yet. The king was always restless. He was worried who could replace him as a king later.

The king and the queen never gave up praying. God finally answered their prayer. The queen was pregnant! Later they had a health baby boy.

The king and the queen were very happy.  However, soon their happiness started to end A witch came to the king and she gave him a bad news.

"Your Majesty, your son will be your enemy  He will kill you!"

"What do you mean? How can he be my enemy? I don't trust you!"

"I have a vision that someday your son is going to kill you. Trust me, Your Majesty. My vision is always correct, right?" said the witch Unfortunately the king believed in the witch. It was because her vision had always been right so far. Later the king asked one soldier to kill his son in a river. The queen was sad. She secretly followed him. When the soldier arrived at the river, the queen begged him not to kill her son., "Please don't kill him. Just put him in this box and let the water drift it. Please."

The soldier did not have the heart to see the queen crying. So he put the baby inside the box Later he put the box in the river. Slowly, the cur rent drifted the box and left the queen.

The box was drifted far away from Jambi. It stopped in Siam (Thailand). A soldier found the box and gave it to the queen.

The queen was so surprised to see a health baby boy inside the box, $e also found a letter written by the mother of the baby. The letter said about the boy and why he was inside the box. It made the queen felt very sorry. She adopted the baby as her son.

The boy grew as a handsome and skillful man. One day, he asked about his father. The queen thought it was time for her to tell him the truth.

He was angry! 'Why did my own father do that to me? I have to revenge!"

The queen tried to stop him, but it was use less. He left Siam and went to Jambi. However she had sent a letter to King Tan Talanai that his son would come and attack him.

King Talanai received the letter and he was so surprised. He thought that his son had died. a long time ago.

Finally his son arrived at the palace. He said, "Is it true that you are my father and you wanted to kill me when I was a baby?"

"It's true," said King Talanai.

Suddenly his son attacked him. Well, King Talanai was so powerful and his son could not beat him.

The king said, "I have a weakness. You can kill me by beating my heart with a big stone. But, before you kilt me, please listen to me."

The king then told him about the witch's vision.

"I am so stupid to believe the witch. Please forgive me, Son. Now you can kill me."

The son was touched. His father had told him his weakness and that made him lose his anger. He forgave his father.

King Tan Talanai and his wife were happy. They welcomed their long lost son, Since then the family lived happily. However, their son always occasionally returned to Siam. When the queen of Siam died, King Tan Talanai's son became the king. Up to now, some people of Jambi believe that King of Siam was originated from Jambi. ***

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