Two Ducks (Angkus and Angma)

"Angkus" is a greedy duck, he is also boastfull, lazy and bad tempered. He is never kind to his fellow. Even with his own brother, "Angma". Once Angkus took and sold all the possession, the parents who had passed a way.
Contrary to Angkus, Angma is a young honest duck. He is dilligent, hard worker and very kind to others. He stayed alone in a simple life by looking for fire wood in the forest to sell.
One night, after working, he couldn't wait to sleep, while he was sleeping he dreamed about an old man. The old man ordered him to come to a cave in the forest. The old man also said that all of Angma's will were going to come true. When he was awake, he thought that he had to decide to do what the old man in his dream had asked him to do. Angma directly went to walk along in the forest and looked for the cave like it was in his dream.
"Well, this must be the cave like it was in my dream", he whispered. He walked toward the cave quickly and got into it.
It was very dark inside but suddenly he saw something shining not far from him. To his surprise, it was a water pitcher but shining like a diamond. "What is it? I have never seen something like it is before!", he said to himself.
Then he took it home. When he had been inside the house he was very hungry and thirsty after a long walk.
Later, Angma said slowly, "How happy I am when I have a lot of food,corn and fresh water in such a hot weather". Suddenly the water pitcher pro­duced sound strangely. It was miraculous!, the water pitcher produced some food. It came out from the water pitcher! It could deliver corn, fresh water and other from inside by saying words only!
Since then Angina's life became more wealthy. He just said some words then what he desired would come true because of the water pitcher.
Mean while, Angkus was suspious to see the wealth of his brother. He decided to find out what had made his brother wealthy in such a short time.
From a peep hole, Angkus finally knew what had happened to his brother. His bad behaviour rose again to see this, so that he decided to steal the water pitcher of his brother's. He would like to try to do like what his brother Angmahad done.
No sooner had he put the water pitcher on the table than he said to it, "Hey water pitcher, you must give me some corn, fresh water and others".
What happened then, the water pitcher produced corn in a great amount! A great amount of corn and water came out from inside the magic water pitcher.
Angkus panicked to see it. The seed of corn flooded his house and broke everything. He screamed loudly and asked for help, "Help! help!", he shouted. Angma was sleeping when it happened but suddenly he was a waken up after hearing a loud voice from his brother's house.
Angma wake up, went to see what had happened. He broke the door of his brother's house then he was surprised to find his brother almost sink in a huge pile of corn seed and water.
Angkus was very shy to see his brother and after he was safe, Angkus said to his brother that he had stolen the water pitcher, but it reacted uncontrolably.
Finally Angkus apologized to Angma for being so greedy and jealous.


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