The Snake and the Frog

 Long long time ago in the forest, there lived a snake. The snake was big but old and weak. He was always in hunger during the day, because he was not able to catch his prey anymore. Oneday, he hitched hike to get his food and arrived in a pond full of frogs, his delicious and favourite food.
"Ehm ... they look so delicious", he said to him self. "I hope I can get themfor the meal", he thought. When the old snake came closer, the frogs fleet into the thick forest. The snake was so sad, he was getting more hungry because he hadn't got any food that day. "I must find the way to catch them, they are too fast for me", he said. Then the snake was lying moveless and pretended to be dead.
"Look! the dangerous snake doesn't try to chase after us, perhaps he was dead, let's see!" the prince of the frog said. "Don't! don't do that my son, he will swallow you, he may be not dead. He is only sleeping!" the queen of the frog said.
But the prince didn't care of his mother's saying. He then approached thesnake. Knowing that the snake kept being moveless, the prince frog came closer bravely. But when the snake opened the eye, the frog was frightened and jumped off.
"Don't be afraid little frog, I will not hurt you", the snake said. "I bit a son of a meditating man once, the prayer was very angry and cursed me, he told me that I had to serve every frog in the world and had to carry them anywhere they wanted", the snake added.
"Was it right?" the stupid prince asked but trusted him then. "Yes that's right, prince", the snake replied in a low voice. "I am the servant of your honour, please, you can get on my back". The prince then got on the tricky snake's back. "Take me to the palace of ours" the prince frog instructed.
"Get off the snake's back!" the queen shouted. "Don't worry my mother, this snake will not hurt me", the prince said to his mother.
"If so, how happy we are to have a ride", the king and the queen said. The mouth of the big old snake became wet to think about delicious fat frog riding on his back. But he realised that he had to be patient to wait a good time to eat.
The snake took the kings frog and family to go in and out of the forest forseveral days. But one day the snake suddenly stopped on the way. "What's the matter?", the prince asked the snake, "Why do you stop?" "I haven't bad the meal for several days so that I feel very weak now", the snake said sadly.
"Would you permit me to swallow several frogs?", the snake asked.
"How can I permit you to eat my people!", the king frog asked him, puzzled. "If you don't allow me to eat I am going to die and you have no one to take around", the snake persuaded. "If that is the case, you may take some of them for your meal", the king said. The hungry snake began to swallow the frogs one by one. It made him stronger and stronger.
One day the snake went around the pond to find some frog but he didn't get a single one. He, then went to see the king and told the king. "No more frog left in the pond, your honour!"
"Is it right?", the king asked him surprisingly. "Yes, it is right, and I am hungry again now. "I have eaten all frogs in this pond", the snake said, andthis is your turn now".
"What!, how brave you are to eat me. I am the king of the frogs!" shouted the king frog. The snake,  however, cared him no more, nothing scared against the three frogs. He immediately grabbed them all, the king, the queen and the small prince frog.

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