The Farmer, the Mousedeer and the Dog

Mr. Farmer went to the field happily while carrying his hoe on his shoulder. "I am going to check my cucumber field, perhaps I can harvest them tomorrow", he said to himself. What a surprise when he arrived in his field and saw what had happened, "What an unbelievable mess!" My cucumbers have been destroyed!, who has done it! With sad feeling, Mr. Farmer went home. He could only think what animal liked cucumber. "Yes! It must be "Si Kancil", the mousedeer", the farmer said. Mr. Farmer tried to look for a trick to trap the mousedeer. Then he had an idea to make a scare crow completed with very sticky glue. By the end of dusk, the scare crow had been ready and taken and set in the middle of the field.
I know the mousedeer is a smart animal, he will mock this scarecrow but let me see what is going to happen, the farmer thought. That's true, in the darkness of the night the smart mousedeer was coming toward the field. The mousedeer laughed to know there was a scare crow. "Just a scare crow, who is scared?" he said to himself.
Then the mousedeer came and passed the sticky doll, but his behaviour of rose. Ike hit the scare crow with his front legs. "Auch! Why have my legs stuck with it?" He cried surprisingly. The sticky glue laid on. it was so strong that he could not take his legs off. He could only cry all night long. The following day the farmer came around the corner carryinga bar of bamboo stick for beating. "Well, well, well, this is the trouble maker, I catch you now!"
"Forgive me Mr. Farmer, I didn't ruin your cucumber. I just ate two orthree cucumbers". The mousedeer told a lie. But Mr. Farmer didn't trust him anymore. He bend the mousedeer and dragged him home. In the farmer's house, the mousedeer was put inside a chicken cage. "This stone is heavy enough, it isimpossible for you to slip off, I am going to the market to buy spicy". "Please forgive me Mr. Farmer. don't eat me", the mousedeer cried. When Mr. Farmer was away to the market, there was a dog coming toward the cage.
"Hey Cil, why are you caged?", the dog asked him.
"I'll become a son in law of Mr. Farmer", the mousedeer answered. "Yes I am going to get married with his beautiful daughter", he added. "Where is Mr. Farmer now?" the dog asked. "He is shopping to prepare delicious food for a big party", the mousedeer exclaimed.
"It doesn't suit you. Your body is small. I will be better to replace you to become a son in law of Mr. Farmer", the dog said.
"No way, no way! go away dirty dog", the mousedeer pretended.
The dog suddenly groaming angrily. "If you don't want to be replaced now, I will push the stone on top of the cage and I will bite you and break your neck off, the dog said angrily.
"Easy boy ..., don't be like that. If you want it ... I will do what you want". The mousedeer now felt that he could trick the dog successfully.
The dog pushed the stone until it fell down off the cage. It made the mousedeer could lift and open it easily. The mousedeer got out of the cage then the dog got into the, cage.
"Congratulation on your becoming Mr. Farmer's son in law", the mousedeer said and ran away satisfactorily.
A few minutes later, Mr. Farmer came, he was surprised to see the dog inside the cage instead of the mousedeer.
"My regard for you, my father in law, the dog said proudly", the mousedeer has given his right to me to become your son in law. I am the strongest and the most courageous dog in this village".
"Then, where is the mousedeer?" Mr. Farmer asked.
"He has gone to the jungle, Mr. Farmer. He is not suitable with your beautiful daughter. He is not handsome and he is not strong either, but I am", the dog replied.
"Do you want to become my son in law?" Mr. Farmer asked.
"Yes, Mr. Farmer", the dog answered happily.
"Now, get out of the cage then sit down sweetly, and close your eyes, I will call my daughter", Mr. Farmer said. The dog waited nervously, then Mr. Farmer came back not with his daughter but with a cudgel in his hand.
"This is a present for you", the farmer shouted angrily then hit the head and the back of the dog hard till it cried in pain. "Please forgive me, Mr. Farmer, what's wrong with me, please don't hit me like that" the dog ran away creaming.
Continued ......

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