The Female Bees and The Male Bees

        One spring, the female bees were very busy building their beehive. The male bees did very little work. When the female bees finished building a part, the male bees would take over it.

        The female bees became so tired of her happening that one day they refused to let the male bees take over the hive. The male bees had a quarrel with the female bees since they could not agree with each other. At least, the bees decided to ask the wise hornet to be the judge of who was right.

        The judge said, “It is my duty to decide who owns this hive. The swarm of bees that can build a hive exactly like the old one will be declared the true owners of the hive.”

        The male bees, who were not used to building, did not agree. The female bees thought this was a good idea as they would find it easy to build another hive. 


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