The Crying Stone

Once upon a time, in Kalimantan there lived a mother with her daughter. The daughter, named Lisa Yadomaru, was a beautiful girl. However, she had a bad personality. She was an arrogant, lazy girl. She never helped her mother do the housework.
One day, Lisa and her mother wanted to buy something in the market. The location of the market was really a long way from their house, so they had to walk miles away.
Lisa walked in front of her mother. She wore a beautiful dress. Meanwhile, her mother walked behind her. Her dress was dirty and ugly. No one expected that the two people were a mother and her daughter.
Along the journey, people were so impressed with Lisa's beauty. However, they wondered who the old woman walking behind her was. Then, one of them asked Lisa, "Hey, beautiful girl, is that your mother who is walking behind you?"
Lisa arrogantly said, "Of course not. She is my maid."
They continued their journey. And then, a young man met them and asked, "Hey sweetie, is that your mother who is walking behind you?"
"No. She's really different from me. How could you say that she's my mother? She is my maid," replied Lisa.
Every time they walked, Lisa said that the woman walking behind her was her maid. She never admitted that the woman was her mother.
Her mother was really disappointed with Lisa. She couldn't bear it. Lisa's sentences had hurt her. The poor mother finally prayed to God, "Oh, God. I can't stand this. My daughter always humiliates me. I am so disappointed with her. Please give her punishment."   With the power of God, suddenly Lisa's body turned into a stone. Lisa cried and asked for a help, "Please
forgive me, Mom ... please help me.
But, it was too late. All of Lisa's body had turned into a stone.
Although all of Lisa's body had turned into a stone, people could see that the stone was crying. The people called the stone 'The Crying Stone'.

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