Crows and Snake

A pair of crows had made their nest on a big tree. Each time the mother crow laid eggs and hatched them, a cruel snake that lived at the hollow at the bottom of the tree trunk would come out. Then, he would eat up the young ones. The crow couple felt sad at the loss of their young ones.
One day the mother crow saw the snake approaching her nest. She cawed loudly for help as she saw the snake nearing her young ones. She tried to chase away the snake, but all was in vain. The snake ate up all the young crows and the unhatched eggs.
The mother crow mourned for this great loss. She cried her heart out. The other crows joined her sorrow.
An old and wise crow thought deeply and replied, "Don't worry, I have a plan. Tomorrow many ladies from the royal family will come to the river for a dip. They will keep all their precious jewellery and clothes asidebefore they get into the river for a swim. Their belongings would be watched from a distance by some royal guards. When you get a chance, you must pick a piece of precious jewellery and fly off. The others should make a lot of noise to attract attention of the guards. Once you are noticed flying away with the jewellery, you should quickly fly to the tree and drop the precious jewellery in the snake's hollow. They will try to reclaim the precious jewellery from the snake's hollow. Thus the snake would surely die at their hands."
The crows agreed to the plan and the next morning mother crow flew to river. She saw some ladies swimming in the river and their jewellery lying aside.
The mother crow did as the old crow had advised, and all the plans succeeded. She dropped the jewellery in the snake hollow. The guards beat the cruel snake with their spears until he died and retrieved the necklace from the hollow.
The crow couple was overjoyed at the snake's death. They thanked the old crow profusely. There was no one to disturb their happy life from then on.

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