Batara Kala and Senjata Cakra

 This is one of the legend that is commonly told in Java. People from some villages in Java believe that an eclipse happens when the sun or the moon is swallowed by Batara Kala, an evil giant. The story says that although Batara Kala is not one of the gods in heaven, he is very powerful
One day Batara Wisnu (god, the protector) distributed “tirta amerta sari” or the drinks of the gods. Anyone who drank it would never die. Batara Kala wanted to have some too, so he tried to cheat by appearing like a god. Batara Surya (the sun god) and Batara Chandra (the moon goddes), however, knew this trick and told Batara Wisnu about it.. when Batara Kala’s turn comes to receive the drink, Batara Wisnu shot him from a distance with his famous weapon. “The Cakra” and it cut his head off. Some of the drink, however, spilled over Batara Kala’s head and this made Batara Kala’s head continue to live without his bod
Batara Kala’s was very angry with Batara Surya and Batara Chandra and tried to eat them, but the god and goddess escape. Batara Kala got angrier and from that time on he has never stopped chasing them

Batara Wisnu wanted to protect the god and goddess and orderedthe people on earth to make a lot of noise whenever there is aneclipse. The noise would help Batara Surya and Batara Chandra toescape from Batara Kala’s throat. To this day people beat object like rice grinders when they see aneclipse. They stay in their houses and pregnant women are told to hide under their beds in order to avoid Batara Kala’s anger.

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