The farmer and the old man with seed

One day, at the edge of a barren rice field, there was a farmer who was daydreaming. He looked very sad. Suddenly. a white-haired old man appeared before him and said to the farmer.
"My son, why do you look gloomy and sad? You seem to have a very heavy burden of life. Would you please tell me about it?" said the old man.
"Yes, old man. My burden is very heavy. It seems I can no longer bear it," replied the farmer.
"Do not talk like that, my son. You can certainly surpass all these obstacles if you're willing to work harder."
"I've worked very hard, Sir. However, the results are still not enough to meet all the needs of my family life," the farmer tried to explain.
"Do not worry. I'll help you," the old man said. "How?" asked the farmer.
"Plant these seeds in your field. Treat them well. Remember! If you've managed to become rich, do not forget your neighbours and the people around you. Help them," the old man said, handing the seeds he had promised.
"Thank you, Sir. I will plant these seeds and care for them. I also will do your wish," said the farmer. Suddenly, the old man disappeared.
Soon the farmer planted the seeds. He took good care of them. As a result, a few months later he had abundant harvest. Several years later, the farmer had become a wealthy farmer. He was loved and respected by his neighbours and the people around him because of his good manner.

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