A happy Family

An old couple of snails lived happily in a wood where they reigned supreme, there being no other snails to dispute their sovereignty; but this was also their greatest heartache – they had absolutely no idea of where they might find a wife for their only son.
“Let us know if you see a beautiful little snail who might be suitable for our young one,” they instructed the flies, who buzzed everywhere in a frantic way, trying to give the impression that they were busy.
One day, at last a butterfly told them, “There's a pretty little snail ten minutes' flying time from here. She's a poor orphan but she has all the right qualities.”
“Tell her to come and visit us!'
The pretty little snail set out at once. It took her only eight days to complete the journey, which proved she was of excellent breeding. The marriage was celebrated at the earliest possible moment. The bees made the wedding-cake, and fireflies were in charge of the lighting arrangements; two ants acted as bridesmaids, and the wedding march was performed by the rain on the leaves. The new couple had many little snails and lived happily and long, as did the old couple who still ruled supreme in their wood.

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