The Singer and the Dolphin

English Story 12 - Arion was one of the most famous singers in the ancient world. On one occasion he won an important festival Sicily, and as his prize he received so many jewels and golden cups that he was obliged to hire a ship to carry them all home to Corinth. Unfortunately, this huge treasure madethe sailors very jealous, and in order to have it for themselves, they attacked the singer and were about to throw him overboard.
Arion did not put up a struggle, instead he asked only that he be allowed to sing one last song. His wish was granted and the sailors were so enchanted by his voice that they were hardly aware of what happened next. At the first notes of his song, a dolphin swam alongside, attracted by the beautiful music. Immediately Arion jumped overboard onto the dolphin's back and was carried back across the sea.
When the ship finally reached port in Corinth, the wicked sailors began to tell everyone that there had been a storm, during which the famous singer had been lost at sea. They were struck dumb with amazement, however, when Arion arrived with a company of soldiers to arrest them.
In memory of this event, a statue of  a young man on the back of a dolphin, was erected in the port of Corinth. This statue is still there today.

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