The fasting monkey

Once upon a time there was a sage who had an ashram  in the forest, daily they held spiritual discourses and many people from the village would attend. As usual, spiritual discourses were going on and the topic for the day was fasting. The sage was explaining the importance of fasting in religion.
Sitting on a nearby tree branch was a monkey. He was listening to the discourse about fasting. He came to find out that by observing fasts one can accumulate great merits.
One day he decided, “I want to fast and accumulate merits too.” The perfect day arrived and observed a fast. All they he passed time by sitting on the tree and turning the rosary chanting, Ram Ram. Soon the sunset and it began to get dark. Time flew by and it was already night time before he knew it. He couldn’t handle the fast anymore and started starving. He could no longer focus on God. Obviously, because he’s a monkey!
All types of thoughts started running through the monkey’s head, “If I wait until tomorrow morning, I’ll starve to death. I won’t have the strength to search for any food. Forget it, I’ll just find something to eat right now.”
Searching around he found some food and put it on the tree at a distance. Again, he started chanting god’s name, Ram Ram. Again he started to think to himself, “If I wait until tomorrow morning I won’t even be able to walk. How will I be able to reach that food?” he retrieved the food and put it near his feet. Again, he started chanting God’s name. Remember my friends, this is a monkey. Do monkeys ever sit still? He thought to himself, “By morning my hands will become weak too. I won’t even be able to put a morsel of food in my mouth.
Thus, he decided to put all of the food in his mouth at the same time. With his mouth full he realized he wouldn’t be able to chant God’s name. he started chewing the food. As soon as you know it had finished eating and fell sound asleep.

Moral : Friends, when we fast we should have it fixed in our minds that, “I want to complete this fast no matter what happens.” Don’t be like the monkey. Who had a weak mind, and broke his fast. Be strong!!!!

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