Ivan the Archer and the Princess

English Story 12 - Ivan was the tsar's valiant and courageous archer. He was always entrusted with the most difficult tasks.
One day, when Ivan was old, the tsar commanded him to journey to the furthest limits of the world and bring back the beautiful princess Vassilla to bethe royal bride.
Ivan had to face a thousand perils in this quest, but eventually he succeeded in stealing Vassilla away.
But the princess wanted vengeance for her kidnapping and told the tsar she would never marry him, unless her kidnapper was first put to death on a pot of boiling oil.
The ungrateful tsar ordered that Ivan be executed. Even then the brave archer showed no fear, and stepped without hesitation into The steaming pot. But Ivan's extraordinary courage brought about a supernatural reaction, and he proved invulnerable to the boiling oil. When he was brought out of the pot, not only was he completely unharmed, but he had become young once more and astonishingly handsome!
On seeing this miracle, the populace denounced the tyrant and threw him into the pot of oil instead of Ivan, who was acclaimed as tsar in his place.
The Princess Vassilla of course, could not refuse her hand in marriage to the new and handsome tsar.

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