The legend of Surabaya - Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and what follows is a legend of how the city got its name.
A very long time ago, in the sea near the Javanese coast called Tanjung Perak, there lived a variety of sea animals. They all lived in peace and harmony with the exception of an octopus, called Cumi who could not get along with the other sea creatures. Cumi was very cruel.
One day Cumi went to one of the sea creatures’ home, a fish named Suro. Cumi tells Suro that one of the crocodiles, named Boyo, will soon attack Suro. Suro and Boyo are best friends and kind to each other, so Suro does not believe Cumi.
Cumi continues to lie to Suro but Suro does not believe him. Later, Cumi goes to the home of Boyo, the crocodile. Boyo also does not believe Cumi, but Cumi’s lies become so believable that finally Boyo believes what Cumi has to say. He gets upset and swims in a hurry to the home of Suro.  Boyo is angry and very strong. He attacks Suro and wounds him. Suro remains calm and does not fight back. But knowing that Boyo never stop attacking him, Suro begins to fight. The fight becomes so fierce that the sea turns red with their blood.
In the place where they fought, a city called Suroboyo was built. Suroboyo is a Javanese word derived from the name of the two fighting sea creatures. Suro means brave and Boyo means danger. Suroboyo (which is now translated as Surabaya in the Indonesian language) means Brave in Danger.

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