The Casket with Something Good inside - A young boy found an old casket while he was wandering about the woods. He was very excited and tried to guess what it contained. “Golden coins? Jewels? Maps to guide me to fantastic treasures?”
The casket, however, was locked and the boy had nothing with which to open it. Even more curious, he went out of his way to pass the hut of an old man who had a reputation as a fortune teller. The old man inspected the casket, felt it, smelt it, and finally said to the boy “There is something good inside.”
“What is it? Gold? Jewels?”
“Something good,” the old man repeated. “More than this I cannot tell you.”
The young man was now sure that he had some great treasure in his possession and he felt more and more impatient. “Something good,” herepeated again and again to himself.It must certainly be something of enormous value if the old man said that to me,”
Unable to control himself or to wait till he got home, the boy picked up a stone and began to bash at the lid until the casket finally broke open. Inside there was a liquorice root, but, unfortunately, because of the bashing I had given the casket, it too was broken.

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